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Scared of Freeways- ()     06/16/2005 00:34 AM


I am new to the USA and recently have learnt car driving.
I still am not confident to get on freeway and always look for back road to take as merging in highway is very scary and I always think I will have accident.
does anybody have similar experience and can you share your experience how you overcame this fear?
Maybe I will gain from your experience and become more confident driver!

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babu- ()     09/06/2005 18:26 PM

This related to the experience of the person scared on the freeways, merging and exit.
1) If you are a new car driver take a driving class and drive a lot(in less traffic areas)to get control of car's speed and steering(automatic transmission cars are better).Pass the driving test and get the driving license before you venture, if you are not confident.

2) Map your route very clearly.Know atleast three exits before your designated exit to plan your exit better.(to avoid last minute cutting of lanes). use Internet(mapquest/google/yahoo) or paper (Thomas guides)maps to plane your trip.

3)Most of the ramps go with the lane for atleast 500 meters.This helps you drive slowly, to see the oncoming traffic, and then merge in the next lane when the the gap is wide.Usually good drivers on that lane reduce speed and give space for merging.

4)Change one lane at a time. If you want to change more than one lane pass it one by one to avoid mistakes.The more you drive, more the confidence you get.Dont panic or fear.

This is my experience. Hope it helps you.


chandu- ()     09/09/2006 00:18 AM

if u r scared of driving, that means u need more practice..psychologically when u r scared means u r doing that task for the first time, or u need more experience on that..to get rid of that problem, do more practice and spend more money...nothing to worry that u will never be able to do that...as we r educated means, not like a road romio, that means, we r bit lagging in the other martial arts like driving etc, no probs, u will become confident in near future...be happy and go ahead...


Babu- ()     02/05/2010 13:56 PM

Chandu Many thaks for your advice. It took me 4 years but now I am not scared of driving in freeways - I drive on right lane at not more than 50 mph.


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