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The Physics Student- ()     05/24/2009 10:43 AM

am seriously interested in Physics from the time when I was a schoolboy. Not satisfied with standard school program I attended additional classes on Physics and Math at the nearest university and studied at the two correspondence Physics schools. This greatly developed my skills and helped me to win in three successive USSR School Physics Olympiads (1st diploma in 1986,1988 and 2nd diploma in 1987). I also participated in 19th International Physics Olympiad at Bad Ishl, Austria and won the Silver Medal there (2nd degree diploma, 21st position).

After graduation school with the Gold Medal I entered the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology -- the best educational institution in Physics in Russia. I continued to work hard there. It may be confirmed by the fact that I was among the winners of MIPT Physics competitions in 1989,90 and 91 (the 2nd position in 1989 and the 1st in 1990).

The education at MIPT assumes a deep study of one branch of Physics and I have chosen Optics as my main subject because I think it is a rather interesting area. Maybe it is not so modern and impressing as, for example, High-Energy Physics but it is quite perspective and has many practical applications. Despite the fact that my main is only Optics I have listened a full course of General Physics and Theoretical Physics as well as a big deal of courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Electronics, Computer Science and Philosophy. My grades were almost only '5'('excellent' - the USA equivalent is 'A'). While studying I received an increased fellowship (125% or 150% depending on term grades).

After studying for 3 years I became research assistant at P.N.Lebedev Physics Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences as a part of my education. I gain there the laboratory skills which are so necessary for researcher. Now I work among the scientists whose objectives are observation and investigation of processes occurring in nonequilibrium molecular plasma with the help of tunable infrared diode laser.

Unfortunately the latest changes in Russia brought about not only positive democratic reforms and political freedom but also reduction of employment possibilities for scientists and curtailment of stable government subsidies for scientific projects. As a result the concerning about students suffered a lot.

All this forced me to look for possibilities to continue my study in the USA. I think it would be a good chance to receive high-level education under guidance of strong scientists and excellent teachers and with the help of first-class equipment.

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