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Anil Kumar- ()     05/10/2006 17:54 PM

I have known Mr. Anil Kumar for over three years in the capacity of an instructor for the mathematical courses "ADVANCED CALCULUS", "OPTIMIZATION" & "OPERATIONS RESEARCH". Uner my tutelage, his performance has been truly exceptional and I was glad to give him 'A grade in all the three courses.

Judging by what I observerd during this period, Anil possesses well-developed intellectual facilities and is a clear and original thinker. He has an excellent analytical ability and good mathematical skills. He is hardworking, dedicated student and tries to learn everything thoroughly. He has an excellent command over English, communicates every effectively and is an active participant in many extra curricular activities.

I am quite convinced that he has the right academic background, creativity and determination required for graduate students. I have no hesitation in placing him in the top 3% of students, I have known in this field for the last four years at B.I.T.S, Pilani.

I strongly recommend him for admission to your graduate school with full financial assistance.

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