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Rahul Gupta- ()     08/23/2008 14:42 PM

I have known the applicant, Rahul Gupta for the past three years as an undergraduate student of the institute. He has been a student of my class in course on Microprocessors and currently he is doing a project “Fuzzy Control of Hydrothermal Filled Systems”. His anxiety to learn and acquire knowledge made him an active participant in the class. I have always observed him to be enthusiastic even when he is in the backwaters.

During the course of my contact with him, I have found him to be an intelligent and creative student with a very good grasping power. He has taken a number of projects on his own initiative and shown a high degree of computer skills. I have always observed him very eager to learn and acquire knowledge. He has tremendous research potential and can work individually as well as in a team. I have always seen him leading from the front when teamwork is involved. Very few students in his batch have acquired as much practical experience as Rahul has. Based on my assessment of students, I would place him as one of the best students based on his practical experience. He can be considered a kind of workaholic student.

Rahul is also effective in his oral communication. I found him to be a very cheerful, amicable disposition. I am very confident of him to become an outstanding graduate student.

I therefore strongly recommend him for admission to your university graduate program with full financial aid.

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