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Tara- ()     12/09/2008 08:44 AM


I'm a newbee in town. Work as a nursing for past 10 years. Grads as Dip in Nrsg. from my home country in Msia. Done my English test (IELTS) in California and passed it. Last exam is needed is NCLEX in order to work. But do check out of any board of nursing that you want to enroll.
    What a foreigner like me really need is Employment Authorization card as well as SSN. I don't think hospital here will supplement this card for foreigner unless is an Nursing Agency from your home country and of course, they will have you sign a contract and get some money out from your salary...


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ashlei     06/21/2019 12:24 PM

Sounds like a tough place to be in. Good luck to you.


X24     09/18/2019 02:19 AM

My husband came here in the us under agency. They do have cut from his salary but They were always there every step of the way including petitioning him amd the whole family.


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