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KBoy- ()     05/18/2011 00:18 AM

I applied for asylum and my case was referred to the immigration court. I have been dating my girl friend who is a US citizen now for about two years but I am married and my wife and I are divorced. It seem as if my girl friend is pregnant and to rescue me from child support we plan to get married this June. As I am in the removal proceedings, will it be good for me to wihdraw my asylum application and adjust my status with the marriage? How long can it take for me to have a temporal green card because my case was reschedule to 2012 for individual hearing. Thanks

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nei946     05/17/2019 18:41 PM

aslyum offcie has no power over immigartion court just let you know , you still have to go to court to fix that , hire a lawyer, do not doit urslef or by others wrong help can hurt


mary1233     07/16/2019 17:25 PM


I'm in same situation. I applied for asylum in 2011 and I'm in removal processing in court my next court is October 2019 , I married to a US citizen in 2017 and applied for AOS I got I-130 approval. I filed I-485 . Would you please tell me what did you do? could you get your GC through your marriage??
Please advise
Thank you


Ahm     10/19/2019 15:16 PM

So how did you end up getting your greencard?


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