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Steven Eckert- ()     10/29/2012 21:10 PM

Hello Travelers:
From experience it would be a good idea to allow Travisa Outsourcing a good 2 to 3 weeks to process your visa application. If it comes in sooner all the better but mine took a total of 3 weeks. I actually ended up sending them 5 additional copies of my Visa Application because they kept saying I didn't include a monthly bill with my application - I don't know how they missed my Electric Utility bill that was enclosed. Also they said I did not sign my Visa Application so I sent them 2 copies which I signed and they said that they were not signed so I mailed 3 more copies with signatures. Well it still took a couple of more days till I told them to send my application fee back to me, then they called my house. I still don't know if they processed my application and it is going on 3 weeks. I would not recommend using the Travisa Outsourcing in Chicago, find another city to access.

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