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HELPINGHAND- ()     12/11/2010 00:55 AM

1stly reissue is different from renewal..we often tend to merge the words as synomns.reissue= when u already have a ppt that has or is abt to expire & u need 1 reissue in lieu of the expired / expiring one.
1.log passport.gov.in/mumbai.go to the online application bullet.
2.a tableau will pop up which reqs you to fill info
like name,surname,parents names , address,years of stay at residence,birthdate ,passport ( ppt ) number , file no , date of issue ,expiry date , height , body identification mark , birthplace , residing in x place since x nos of yrs etc.fill in these fields
3.gone are the days when u went to passport office worli & bought a form for rs.10/.u need to go via an online form format so that u get a form duly printed with the appt date & time at which u need to reach worli.normally appt is given 4 days frm ur filling in the tableau.the latter is printed via an online system on the right hand horizontal on each page of the ppt form & also the police verification form which is known as the personal particulars ( pp )form.pp form comes automatically in dupliactes with certain prior printed tableau fed in info.
4.once the tableau is filled the due form will b on ur screen with certain details already PRINTED on it.plz note that name , surname , date of birth, parents names , birthdate , birthplace , residence address, yrs at that address , ppt number , date / place of issue come in a printed format on the form.if by chance u have forgotten to fill some fields
as i had specified in point no.2 , the prints wont reflect in the form and thats not accepted by the ppt
office.no blog/website tells u this nuance!the rest of the form needs to b filled in caps in blue / black ballpoint manually.
5.1 photo unsigned needs to b afixed on ppt form & 2 signed photo's reqd on pp form.
6.documents like ration card , pan card , birth certificate , graduation certificate need to be attached ( self attested ) in duplicates for submission.when u go to the ppt office carry originals & these duplicates.
7.when u reach ppt office outside there's already a serpentine queue!!whether people r given a 10 am time or 12 noon on x date, there's a queue.the gates open at 9.45 am & by 10 am they segregate people on basis on reissue / renewal/damaged ppt reqts & time of appt.so if there are 50 people who r given the time on 10 am on x date , if u reach at 9 am u maybe 40th in the queue though according to u , u have gone 1 hour before ur designated time of appt.
8.there's a separate queue for senior citizens wherein they can move into the counter area faster.a good noble caring sign for the elderly.
9.inside there are several counters ( few operational not all ) & the guard will guide u randomly where to go.
9.at the counter,the expiring ppt gets stamped as cancelled & returned & documents chked against originals-latter returned,duplicates taken.
10.u move to the payment queue,wherein u pay rs.1000
for reissue.if u pay in notes of rs.500 ur cell number & name is noted.
11.at payment counter u get a computerized receipt which acknowledges payment & has a file number that helps u track ur ppt status in the days to come on the same website.key in ur file no & the status of the application with name etc comes up.
12.u may go online & chk ur application status on the ppt website to see if they've processed ur details for police verification.mine showed that "police verification hasnot yet been recvd" , but the police dropped in home the very next day, asked for an identification ( eg pan card ) & gave a typed receipt that u need to come within 3 days to ur local police station for verification.if no one 1 is at home they max drop in twice , so keep some1 at home to entertain their query.this receipt tells u the documents that
u have to take with u to the police station.
13.at police station u need to carry 3 ppt size photos & documents listed in their receipt given to u ...its normally residence proofs , ppt pages , pan card , voters id , marriage certificate , letter by 2 residents of ur locality.if u dont have all the categories , its ok.take the originals + 1 xerox copy of each document- the xerox the police takes with the 3 photos.they make u sign on a two paged form with ur landline no below ur sign.they afix 1 photo on this form & 1 in their register wherein u sign again & write ur cell no.below it - dont know what they do with the 3rd photo!
14.fyi-if u call 1090 - its a CID police verification teledesk -they'll tell u that "many a times" reissue maynot req police verification procedures.
so that means that the ppt will b directly couriered at the residence address 45 days frm the application date.

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dreamland     03/13/2014 01:46 AM


Can anyone advise on my situation:

I have my spouse name endorsed in my passport , and we are separated for years, due to mutual disagreement, unable to file divorce.

This being said, i lost my passport recently. i dont want my spouse name to be included in new passport.
Can i choose the option not married in the application.

If i give the old passport number, all information could be retrieved so will i be in trouble. I am in a very tight corner, please anyone advice..


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