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virender rawal- ()     10/31/2012 05:22 AM

Thanks to Passport department. I am sincerely eager to share my experience about passport experience so that if anyone seeks any guidance or problem then he can take my case as an example to understand the process
I submitted my application at 19th Sept 2012 Gurgaon & today I have received my Passport on
31st October 2012.
I just want to say that this service provided by Government is very good. Each and every stage , I got a transparent approach and there was nothing like “Sarkari Kam “ .
The status updates were sequentially-
1. Application submitted at Passport (19.09.2012)
 2 . Passport detail sent to SP office(20.09.2012)
3 passport physical police verification pending at your Thana (21.09.2012(
4 police verification submitted at SP office by your respective thana. Now under SP office review (
5 Police verification report has been submitted by SP office (online only). Passport printing is in progress, you will get sms/mail after dispatch. (5.10.2012)
 6. The passport will be dispatch after receiving report ( formally physically ). You will get sms/mail
      after dispatch ( 12.10.2012 , This status was one time again updated but language was just almost same. We can consider this status shown for 2 weeks approx )
7 Passport dispatched on 29.10.2012. Tracking Id are ***********.

The bottle neck is police verification. Generally after submission of application within 2 weeks , you might be called at your respective police station. Then your local thana will definitely submit their report within 7 days ( since the day you visited Thana). Then SP office will intimate Passport kendr ( I think online document ). At this stage when your passport showing printing stage , it means you are getting your passport 100% . Then after receiving police verification formally as previously only intimation was given to save time. As soon as PSK receives your report. Then you can expect within 3 days your Passport will be dispatch by speed post. & you can expect within 2-3 days you will get your PASSPORT. About the status I have pasted

My personal experience is awesome. At every stage , I have felt a good atmosphere dealing with PSK & police persons. Nothing was delayed. Everything was going smoothly expected. Thanks to Passport department & police Staff for their best service efforts. We hope every department of our India adopt this culture.

Virender Rawal
[email protected]

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