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SV- ()     12/11/2012 22:49 PM

We are an importer that got defrauded by an Indian Exporter for $92,000.00. They did criminal acts to defraud us. I have approached Indian Consulate in Houston and also Commercial Attache in Washington D.C. All they have done is given lip service. They have made no efforts to contact Police in India to prosecute the exporter. They frankly do not care. We were planning to buy one million dollars worth of products from India every year. We have halted all our plans to do so. We bring in numerous shipments from China every year without any difficulty. I really regret that I even considered importing from India. It has been a nightmarish experience. Ultimately we will recover, but we are going to tell as many importers as we can to be very cautious when dealing with exporters in India. They are simply out to get you. They rob you and then continue to walk free as no one prosecutes them. Here is a warning. Do not buy from India. Avoid doing so at any cost. You have no protection from their government.

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