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tarasheth     03/26/2013 08:48 AM


I am new to this forum and I don't know in which category I should post my query. As it urgent,however I am posting this question to get any help.
My query is ,at present me and my spouse are Indian citizens and want to apply for non immigrant tourist visa B2 category with an object to attend convocation ceremony for my Son's graduation in US.( I also have a university letter).
Previously in 2008 my spouse being eligible for DV Lottery,had applied once but did not win,so is do I have to mention this in my D 160 form??
In the form they have asked that have you ever been rejected for US Visa??
My Son was asked during his visa interview in 2011 that have you ever applied for any DV lottery for which my Son convinced the visa officer that it was his father's application and being minor his name would have been come and was sucessful in getting student visa.
I am very much confused as what to write in my D 160 form ,whether we are considered rejected for US visa or not??
pls pls pls help its very urgent!!!!!!!!!

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