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Subject: Not really good experience
Name: SpiceJet Aircraft:
Class: Economy Route:
Value For Money:
Ground Service:
Seat Comfort:
Inflight Service:
Food / Beverages:
Internet / WiFi:
Carry-On Luggage Storage:
AC Power:
Wheelchair Service:
Overall Satisfaction:
Recommend: Timeframe: Over one year ago
Review: After transferring from international airport to domestic airport, when I reached at the check in counter after mid night, bunch of staff people were just watching cricket match on their mobile phone and they refused to check my bags in. They asked me to come two hours before my flight departure time which was at 8.05 AM. They just asked me to away or sit anywhere. It was difficult to even go to the bathroom with so much luggage. On top of that, mosquitos biting me the entire night. When I stood in the line at around 6 AM, they asked me to come back again after 10 minutes as it was not yet two hours before departure time. I went to check in counter again at 8.15 AM and now they told me that as I have domestic ticket, I can carry only 20 KGs of luggage. I told them that before booking the ticket, I had already confirmed multiple times with the call center that as long as my domestic flight is within 24 hours of the international flight, I could carry the same luggage as the international allowance as long as show the proof of my international allowance. I even showed them the proof of email reply I received from Spice Jet where I specifically mentioned my international itinerary. After a lot of arguments back and forth, he reluctantly asked me to give him those papers, he made photo copy and allowed the luggage. When I was in the aircraft, they told me that I had not prepaid for the food. Therefore, I would have to pay Rs. 200 to purchase it. After I showed the proof of purchase and prepayment, they gave me some food to eat. Normally, you don't really need food for one hour flight, but I was hungry as I was sitting at the airport for the whole night where there was really nothing proper to eat. Overall, it was quite bad experience. My subsequent experience was OK and the next one was much worse. If there is any other choice, I would not fly this airline.
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