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hkg198282     07/08/2013 02:53 AM

Hi Guy, Though to share you the H4 VISA which I did for my infant daughter last month.
So, I was in US and my wife gave a birth to a child in India and my wife had a valid H4 VISA, i needed to go and pick them up but getting passport and H4 VISA seemed to night mare for me as I had very limited to go and bring them back to US.

day 1 - Created profile and deposited fee online though IMPS.
day - 2 submitted document in vfs bangalore, I took almost everything document copy to drop but they took only her PP, my VISA page and her pic, make sure ears are visible.
day - 3 and 4 - waiting to see something on stats page nothing came up
day - 5 - Application received
day - 6 - Administrative processing
Day - 7 - Issued
Day - 10 - PP is ready for pick up, I picked up passport from vfs delhi.

Just lost few days since there was holidays in between. But over all it happened with no issues.

Sharing as I was searching so many inputs online and found very less, hope this helps for everyone.

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