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risktaker     08/14/2013 06:37 AM

I am US citizen. I have 2 kids both has passport and my wife has green card which will expire December 2014. Due to family emergency we had to move out from USA December 2nd 2009 and my wife dose had travel permit as well. She is there almost 3 years. We did joint tax file every year except 2012 as self employee even from o.ut side of USA. Now i am back to US looking for job, and trying to bring them back to USA and I have some family member who may do the join sponsor for me if needed.

So In order to reentry to the USA do I have to file again for IMMIGRANT VISA WITH I-130, I-864 or RETURNING RESIDENT VISA WITH DS-117, SB-1,DS-230 ? Which way should bring her faster here in US and how long will take to do the whole thing? Does anyone know about it ? Your expert and humble advice will help me a lot.

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