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loga759     08/17/2013 06:58 AM

my OFC was on 14.08.2013. 10am. i went there by 9am. no Que nothing. directly went inside. he took my fingerprints n photo. stamped DS-160. i'm out by 09.03am.

interview was yesterday. appointment time 8am. i went there by 6.50am, there was a bid Q for 7.30 appointment as well as for 8'o clock. they let us in by 7.30. after all checks they verify our finger prints once again. after that i waited till 10am for my turn. the consular was very cool. he checked my passport, my company letter for visa. few formal questions about my work. he doesnt even bother to check my CDC. when i gave it to him he said "its OK". it was just 5 mins. he checked something in d computer n said visa approved.

the best part is "i got my visa in hand in my hometown by today morning 9am. that was very fast.

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