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sberaki0     08/30/2013 06:42 AM

  How is work?
  I have some questions that I need to be precise. as follows
 1)When does Green card holders allowed to get U.S Citizenship or
 2)Is it Compulsory a U.S Citizen or Green card Holder Sponsor Spouse
to show you his/her ''proof of of Income and Tax returns'' in order to
get Immigrant visa for his/her Foreign Spouse?
    As I read the info in your website, The Foreign Spouse who has
married with Green card holder needs to wait around five years.in
order To get his/her Immigrant visa .OK,If this is how U.S. Ministry
of Immigration currently and practically working now .My question is
 3) What if the Foreign Spouse is in a Refugee camp? Is There any privileges?
 4) Is it possible a U.S citizen sponsor To Reunify his/her nephew who
is in a Refugee camp? If yes. Who is Responsible to cover the expenses
needed for Medical (I.O.M) and Air-trip fee?

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