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jagadeeshsk     10/07/2013 17:12 PM

Hi There,

Thanks for your attention to my post.

I have received show cause notice for my passport and they are telling me that I have suppressed material information while submitting application for passport. The type of show cause notice is PVR Review and it looks like it stands for police verification review.

If I recollect correctly what happened was, when I applied for passport there was police verification and I was out of station that time when they came for police verification. But my father went on behalf of me and provided all the details. Police sent report to passport office and I did receive my passport without any hassles. But after almost 1 year 3 months I am getting this show cause notice. I am right now in US and I am wondering how to deal with this situation. They have mentioned in the show cause notice to provide explanation and submit application again. Can you please help me with the below questions.

1. How do I respond to this show cause notice from US and what is the procedure?
2. Is there a way I can reach out Indian Embassy on this?
3. What happens if they ask me to submit passport application again? What will happen to my present passport while I am still in US? Do I have to go for stamping again? :(
4. Is there way this can be effectively handled from US it self?

Appreciate your valuable comments and response to my post.

In the mean time I have asked my Father to provide explanation to show cause notice and letting passport office know that I did not suppress any information. I hope they will understand what has happened and they will not ask me to submit the application form again.



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chtreddy     02/05/2014 06:36 AM

Hi Jagadeesh,

I am also in same situation now, I applied my passport under tatkal scheme and I gave my permanent address as present address and Police verification was also done.

No I am in UK,London but received a show cause notice asking to reapply with correct address.

Can you please let me know in your case what happen did you apply for fresh passport in US?


Chittaranjan Reddy
[email protected]


archbryce     05/07/2014 12:24 PM

Hi Jagadeesh,

Did you get any updates on this? I recently received similar notice and was planning to goto the passport services in Washington DC to see whether they can issue me a fresh passport.


jagadeeshsk     05/08/2014 13:27 PM


I asked my dad to reply on my behalf after that reply, they sent one more similar mail. After that I asked my dad one more time to respond. After that I have not heard any thing. I will wait and watch. Few of friends have faced the same problem. They say they keep sending it and we dont have worry it....you can respond and then keep quiet.




archbryce     05/09/2014 00:17 AM

THanks for the info Jagadeesh. My brother is planning to visit the RPO with the reply. I also contacted BLS in Washington DC and awaiting their reply.

How soon did you reply the first time? I got the notice on 2nd May and have yet to reply. There was not time mentioned in the notice.


ankukreja     03/05/2016 20:05 PM

what is the latest on this please ? I received the similar notice for my daughters passport and responded once.

Can we do something from US ?


ankukreja     03/05/2016 20:04 PM

what is the latest on this please ? I received the similar notice for my daughters passport and responded once.

Can we do something from US ?


jagadeeshsk     03/05/2016 20:09 PM

Just reply and keep quiet. Everything should be okay. This is usually an auto generated show cause notice because of missing documents or anything. I had just replied with my answer to their show cause and kept quiet.


guestnew     04/06/2016 15:52 PM

whether email reply stating the situation is enough in this case ? I am in US and received a letter for my son from Pune passport office and I replied to their pune based email address mentioned in the letter. My family sent me scan copy of the letter.

Please help me in this


guestnew     04/06/2016 15:50 PM


I am currently in US and my family back in Pune, India received this notice. This is for my 3 year old son who got passport in 2012 when he was just 3 months old infant. We applied under "Tatkal" scheme and received his passport within 7 to 10 days. Police verification was done after that. My son came to US in Feb, 2013. In between, he was in India for around 10 month and now came back to USA in 2014.

The letter mentions about receipt of an adverse Police Verification report corresponding to the application for Passport Issue.

I responded to them via. email to their pune based email address(as mentioned on letter). They sent me short reply asking to call on pune based number. Tried reaching them once but nobody picked the call

What are my options? I live close to Washington DC. and How serious issue is this ?


tatya_vinchoo     05/14/2016 12:15 PM

I also received a show cause letter from Pune RPO last week. I got my passport renewed in Tatkal in 2012 Dec, attended police verification after a few days, and suddenly I received this letter after >3 yrs to my Pune address. They have not given any reason for adverse remark in the letter. There is no deadline specified for response either. I am currently in US and don't know how to handle this issue.

Were you able to contact someone in Pune RPO for this? Were you able to resolve this by visiting consulate in DC?

Any help is appreciated!



[email protected]     08/13/2019 04:00 AM

Hello Friends,
First of all thank you to all the contributors of this post. This is pretty old discussion and by now most of your's matter would have been sorted. Do you guys mind sharing the solutions and how easily it was resolved.
It will help me to face this problem efficiently. Below is my scenario in details:
I re-applied for passport in tatkal category to add my wife's name. I got my passport within 3 days and left for US soon after that. Now after 2 months, passport office have sent SCN to my wife's home( my present address) stating adverse PVR and stating they would impound my passport and I need to re apply for a new passport.
1. How can I handle this situation without going to India?
2. Will I face any problem if I travel within US before this matter is resolved?
3. Can they deport me because of this?
4. Will it have any implication in my future stay in the US.

Please share your views, experiences, suggestions etc.


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