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googly123     01/17/2015 23:59 PM

I see that below link mentions that a person would need a transit visa if the USA visa has expired. Is this information still valid?


I came across the following FAQ on a france consul webstite.
Q : I am an Indian citizen. I will fly from Newark to Mumbai through Paris. I will stay within the airplane during the 2 hours stop.
The US visa stamped in my passport is not valid anymore. I do not have a green card.
A : If you have a valid OR expired US visa stamped in your passport or a green card, you do NOT need an airport transit visa.

Can anyone here please share experience? Anyone traveled on a expired USA visa through Paris?

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vinniemak     02/18/2015 13:14 PM

I assume you are traveling from U.S to India via Paris, via a connecting flight in Paris, with a couple of hours layover??

I don't think anyone in Paris would check to see if you have a valid U.S visa, IF YOU are traveling to India??...why would they care?..I assume you are an Indian citizen going back to India with an Indian passport?? They may give you some grief at the U.S airport you are departing, asking you why you over-stayed, but once in Paris, there will be chaos (in CDG)...i.e too many people, too much traffic and changeover via shuttle buses to the various terminals etc (it's not as streamlined as U.S airports). Once you get to your terminal, just show them your connecting flight info and your Indian passport, and they'll let you pass.

If you're still worried, call the airline.


rakhibubbl86     05/12/2018 13:35 PM


I am in similar situation. My current visa is expired but I have approved I797. I am going for stamping in delhi. Can you tell if i will DATV to go via Heathrow airport? I am Indian passport holder.


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