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lou8085     06/01/2015 15:51 PM

On May 1st of this year I received Form I-797 confirming that my I-129f K-1 Visa application had been accepted by the lock box facility in Texas and forwarded to the California Service Center for processing. I have a receipt number. When I try to check the status of my application I get this message:"At this time the USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact NCSC 1(800)375-5283 for additional infomation"
Has anyone else had this problem ? It seems like the California Service Center should be able to tell me more than that. For example, "We have received your application and It will processed in the order received"

Thank you.

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d6746     06/01/2015 20:46 PM

you have to create an account to view your status


lou8085     06/02/2015 05:53 AM

Thank you very much d6746. I'll give it a try.


lou8085     06/02/2015 06:14 AM

Hello d6746,

I set up an account, and I am somewhat encouraged. At least the system recognizes my receipt number. I was also able to talk with a representative at USCIS. She said I should see some activity in 30 to 45 days after the CSC received my application.


Jennyeason     08/13/2015 02:57 AM

hi lou8085, may i ask have you got your NOA2 already and if yes, what about your case number coz we filled our application last may and been waiting case number since starting July 16..


lou8085     08/13/2015 04:58 AM

Hi Jennyeason,

I received I-797 (Notice of Action) on July 1st. I have not received a letter yet from the National Visa Center; however I called them and they gave me my case number and said the application has been sent to the US Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City. My fiancee in Viet Nam has not received anything from the embassy yet.

Good luck with your application :)


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