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sam11     07/25/2015 23:24 PM

Need suggestion from you guys. I am indian citizen with US green card staying in Usa. My wife and newborn baby are US citizens. We are going to India in decemeber 2015. Already booked tickets. Dnt know what kind of Visa they need? We married in sep 2014. Thanks.

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ProNRI     07/13/2016 10:17 AM

Unless you are planning to stay in India for longer than six months, just stay away from OCI since the CKGS website has posted this new ruthless (and nonsense) rule that requires OCI card reissued (by going through the same excruciatingly painful process as if you are applying for the first time) every time when your US passport is renewed before the age of 21 (this will mean having to apply for your children's OCI again and again few times before they turn 21 years old, because their US passport will need to be renewed every five years until they reach 16) and once after the age of 50 - this will impact your wife's OCI validity at some point.

Read it here:


A 10 year multiple visa DOES NOT have to be renewed even when your US passport is reissued at any age, so that is the best option now.


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