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anachristinat     08/08/2015 02:56 AM

my fiance filed the I-129F last December 8,2014 and we received Notice of Action 1 stating that USCIS received our case last December 10,2014.Our problem is until now (August, 2015), we have not received our Notice of Action 2. we always call and inquire to USCIS website about our case but the reply was "pending consideration". I am here in the Philippines and my fiance is in America and it is just very hard to have a long distance relationship. may i ask if we still have a chance to have the Notice of action 2 and be approved? or it will just be denied since it is almost 8 months of waiting? i hope we are not just waiting for nothing..

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islacebu     08/10/2015 00:15 AM

hi. i think we might have the same problem, well, sort of. Almost same situation. I just do not know if your fiance has received the case number for the petition he filed in the US. They issue a case number kapag bayad na yung filed petition and complete yung requirements that he sent sa USCIS. If there are missing requirements, the USCIS usually tells him when he calls them to follow-up. In our case, my fiance received 2 emails. the first one was in december (he filed september) informing him that the petition is already received and will now be reviewed, that it will take 2-6 months. the 2nd email was received February containing the case number and the receipt for the payment made. Here's where we got a little confusion. kasi kakaresearch namin regarding k1 visa processing, we were waiting for a Letter of Eligibility (for interview). Yung 2nd email contained 2 attachments. first attachment was the case number. 2nd attachment was a VERY generic letter saying na pwede na magstart ng process for interview. Its a generic letter na mababasa mo rin sa website. To cut the long story short, yun na pala yun. We were waiting and wondering since december. last july kinalkal namin uli yung mga emails and also did researches sa mga blogs. i through a blog, i found a link for a visa case tracker. iyt will only ask for the case number and it will tell you the status. mine was ready na pala February pa. here's the link.


hope this helps a little. as long as you have the case number pwedeng pwede ka na magprocess. its the same thing that the customer service rep from the embassy suggested to us when we called them to enquire regarding our petition. they didnt mention of the tracker (baka di nila alam) or those long phone calls would have been avoided.



anachristinat     08/15/2015 23:06 PM

thank you..yes we already have the case number and we already paid the petition..but as we have inquired to the USCIS website..the reply was "pending consideration"..it is so sad..but we are still hoping for it..thank you


gina08031985     09/18/2015 17:43 PM

minsan tlga mtagal ang process... mag intay k lng in right time ddting din ung papers mo in Gods will


MichaelandLu     03/02/2016 21:07 PM

Hi, I just read this. I'll start by saying I sympathize with you for your troubles. Although for me and my girlfriend, we haven't been waiting as long as you were when you posted this. I would like to ask, did you end up receiving the second Notice of Action? Or are you still waiting?


kingy sauce     07/07/2016 13:48 PM

Feel free to Check my Post.

Kingy Sauce


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