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DavidMalik     08/17/2015 06:50 AM

Dear All,

My name is David and I recently went through the Sb-1 visa process and I found out today that I was approved for the SB-1 visa and I should receive it in the next few days. I thought I should share my experiences of the visa to those who really need it. Seeing as when I was applying there was hardly any descriptions of the experience.

I filed a DS-117 application at the London Embassy at the end of June 2015 along with the credit card payment form. They debited my account around a week after. I didn't receive any notification of an interview until mid July 2015. It had been scheduled for early August 2015. This interview was for the determination of returning resident status. I attended the interview and they asked me for my reasons for a protracted stay outside the US. My mother was medically incapacitated and as I was a minor at the time I couldn't have saved my LPR status. However be warned if your consular officer doesn't sympathize with your case there is a possibility that you could be rejected regardless of how compelling your reason is.

After I was approved in my first interview I received a letter saying my returning resident status was valid for six months, I also received my case number, thus allowing me to apply for an immigrant visa. I used the case number to fill in my DS-260 and I scheduled medical interview. All this happened in mid August. As I had to attend university in the US by the end of August I asked if my process could be expedited. Luckily the embassy allowed for my interview to occur a week before my registration thus making it possible for me to make the registration.

I then attended my second immigrant visa interview, this interview is easier than the first interview, the consular officer took my documents and then approved my application. Be warned when submitting your civil documents for the SB-1 visa as you have filed with the London embassy you do not need to submitted any copies to the NVC. After that you should have an SB-1 visa.

I would like to thank all the consular officers at the London Embassy who took time with my application and reviewed it efficiently and perfectly. Unlike some of the posts I have read about this visa, I found my experience to be a complex but well organised.

David Malik.

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Keesha Anne Rama Laurel     10/04/2016 10:52 AM

Hi, Sir Malik! I am Keesha who is from the Philippines. I am also experiencing what you have experienced.
Sir, I really have a concern.
I was already approved in my Returning Resident Status and was emailed by the consular to schedule an appointment
for the Returning resident VISA interview which is the 2nd interview.
What were the requirements that you brought for the 2nd interview?
I am already done filling up my DS-260.
Should I undergo the visa process just like how we filed when we were still normal immigrants?
Donwe still need the petitioner and affidavit of support papers?
And sir if it'll be ok for you, pls give me your email or Facebook account or viber so that i could contact you regarding my case.
I badly need your help because I need to go back to the US asap and i am only given 6mps to work on this.
Thank you so much. Hope you'll answer and help me out. Thanks!

-Keesha Laurel


shilpa prasad     01/30/2017 02:15 AM

hello keesha , I am shilpa prasad from India me and my mom had stayed in India more than the time in green card and lost our green card i heard you talking about two interviews and all. can you please help me and my family as we are totally unaware of how the procedures go can you please help me it would really mean a lot .thank you hope you will answer.


girireddy     02/14/2017 23:36 PM

Hello Shilpa,

We are in same boat going to apply for a Returning Resident (SB-1) visa @ US Consulate Mumbai/Delhi. Please let me know have you filled DS 117 Form If Yes, what needs to be filled in Section 10 & 11 in DS 117 Form. Much appreciated if you share this info.

Please find here SB-1 VISA process details :


Note : DS 117 form removed from site send email to "[email protected]".

[email protected]


sunnys76543     04/18/2018 19:03 PM

Hi, how did you go about scheduling the interview? I am little confused as to whether I need to fill out a ds-260 before? if you can explain how you scheduled I would be very grateful!


mb2006     02/28/2017 23:18 PM

My wife recently got her DS-117 approved. After this approval, the Mumbai Consulate will instruct you on next steps (DS-260, Medical Exam and Police Verification)

Step 1: Need to apply for Returning Resident visa. (Fill in DS-117 and make sure you take ALL the documents to justify why your stay outside of US was out of your control.This is very important.

If approved,

Step 2: Complete Medical Tests, Police Verification (apply through regional passport office) and fill up DS-260.

Need to attend Consulate on both the occasions.

Make sure your have all your evidence (medical Records, Bank statements in USA and any property document in US to tie your relation to US).


sunnys76543     04/18/2018 19:04 PM


wondering how you scheduled the interview? the steps online seem are a bit unclear....do you need the police clearance, med exam and ds-260 before the appointment or are there two appointments?


vayu30     05/28/2018 01:09 AM

Hello , thanks so much for posting about ur experience with regards to SB1 visa. it provides valuable info to a lot of people who are in the same boat. May i ask what reason did you provide for your wife's extended stay out of USA. would really appreciate it. have a similar case for my brother's wife n minor son. thank you.


ken.chinda     07/05/2018 14:41 PM

Hi David, my name is Kennedy. I recently came back to the US with SB-1 visa since April 7th and is now July 5 by the 7th it will 3 months. How long did you have to wait before you received your new green card


Oussamessi10     08/07/2019 19:53 PM

Hello david
Did you receive new green card after return to u.s??? If the answer is yes, your new green card is valid for 10 years or less???


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