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thrill22     09/19/2015 03:56 AM

Hello everyone...thank you for taking the time to read this....my finance and i recently had our interview with the consulate....i have a few concerns from the interview that maybe some of you can help out with....my first concern is that some of the documents that were said to be required were not even asked for (examples...they did not ask for entire copy of everything from original I129F application, nor did they ask for a copy of the NOA2 acceptance form...i thought this to be odd since the official site said they were required for the interview). Also, I came to the country to support my fiancé, but was not allowed in the interview. My fiancé was asked about 30/35 questions, with only 6 or 7 pertaining to me (only 3 of which had to do with me and our relationship...the other questions had to do with what type of products i enjoyed for the sport i play...very odd)...what was even odder were that the other questions were things like, "where do my brothers work" & "what do they do"....seems like odd questions that have nothing to do with our engagement. No questions were asked about wedding, engagement ring, etc. The last thing that concerns us is that my fiancé worked as an accountant for a military firm for six months. He said that because she worked for military he would require "workbook" from employer and resume from my fiance (none of these documents were originally asked for....had they been we would have had them along with three copies like everything else.....we were very prepare)....we sent all of these materials back via email within four hours of the interview, but have yet to hear anything back....now we are having to wait until monday (or maybe longer) and of course it is the only thing we can think about.....i realize that our emotion may be strong due to our current feelings, but my last question would be what directs these officers? Is there some sort of oath they go by so that cases are done fairly and accurately? Thank you so much for your time in answering and reading my comment....any answers would be very helpful and hopefully put us at ease....thanks!

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LeHumuna     02/25/2016 09:01 AM

Hi! This sounds odd.. And I'm glad you've asked because I'm wondering some of the same things :)
My boyfriend and I sent off our petition back in October and I've just had my interview scheduled for late March (have written to them asking to bring it forward as I have everything prepared for the interview now). But I've noticed a few inconsistencies among sources regarding preparation for the interview.

I figure some of the information is just outdated because the visa processing after the interview takes MUCH longer than some sources say. It takes closer to 3 weeks after the interview, which is why I'm hoping to have it done sooner :) The US Embassy in London doesn't mention anything about bringing along a copy of the initial petition that we had prepared, but some sources have said that I do need to bring it! I'm a little annoyed about this because, as far as I'm concerned, there could be loads of other things I need to bring that they haven't clearly specified. For example; it doesn't tell me to bring the confirmation email of the completed D-160 either. I only know to bring this because it told me to when I filled it in. I'm just going to bring anything I can possibly think about just to be sure..

As for your questions, I think the reason they ask just mundane questions is to throw people off. Like, if your marriage is a scam you're going to really prepare to answer questions about the engagement and relationship. You might not think about having to answer questions about your fiance and their family. I can understand how frustrating it can be.. And I'm sure they take their time just to make you wait. If you really are genuine about the relationship, then you'll wait no matter what. At least, that's what I imagine their logic would be. Have you tried calling them or writing them a letter? Best of luck with the rest of the process! Hope it all works out :)


LawOfficePH     07/16/2016 18:42 PM

Interview questions are used to discover whether or not you and your fiance/spouse are really in a relationship and intending to get married. Think of it this way, if you really wanted to know whether or not two people really knew each other, you wouldn't ask if they loved one another or spent a lot of time together. You would ask factual questions, the answer to which would normally be discovered throughout a normal relationship. They don't want to know when/where you are getting married, they want to know if the relationship is genuine.

So, where do his/hers brothers work? If you were trying to prepare for an interview for a fraudulent relationship, this question may never come across your mind. They're trying to ask questions you can't prepare for ahead of time while still showing that the two of you are in an actual relationship.

As for the documents, they've got copies among copies of everything, wouldnt worry about it.


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