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aditimittal     09/20/2015 16:22 PM

I am an Aditi Mittal, an Indian Citizen(Passport Number L9573111) and I have traveled from NewYork to Boston on 16th Sep 2016 on Flight AA235 operated by American Airlines on a First Class Ticket.

Once I checked in at Hotel and opened my bag, I realized to my surprise that my entire Checked-In bag had been searched and items re-arranged and to my horror a lot of high value items have been stolen from my check-in bag.

The List of Items is as follows:
Louis Vuitton Men's wallet - $571.59
Louis Vuitton Women's Pouch - $1371.83
Hermes Belt(Orange & Brown with Golden Buckle) - $800
Ferragamo Belt(Black & Brown with silver buckle) - $480

The Luggage tag number is 3001257836 and my seat number was 3A.

I need your assistance in helping me find my stolen items and I have already reached India in despair.

Customer Baggage File Information:
File Number: BCCAA00013003
Date: 09/17/2015
Location Reported:
Customer Name: ADITI MITTAL
Bagtag: 3001257836

Online lost item id: 1790610

Filed a report with Boston State Police and my complaint number with police is 2015-OFI-026536. I have received no response from them as well.

I am feeling mentally tortured, harassed, drained of energy. My life seems to be ending. I had collected the items with money earned from my sweat blood and hard work and it is all lost in your airlines stolen by your staff.

I want it back.

Thanks & Regards

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