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thealchemist     01/15/2016 21:25 PM

During my application for green card, this site was immensely helpful for me. As I was going through separate websites on internet on the topic of how long does the entire process take, I realized that most of the experiences posted were not very good, and can cause a lot of anxiety. I am writing to contribute my positive experience with USCIS in our application. Hopefully new applicants will find some peace by reading about a positive experience.

08/02/2015 - I-140 filed with premium processing received by USCIS
08/04/2015 - USCIS receipt notice
08/17/2015 - RFE received
09/04/2015 - Response to RFE received
09/10/2015 - Approved I-140
09/14/2015 - Received I-140 approval
09/29/2015 - I-485/I-765/I-131 filed
10/05/2015 - Finger printing fees was approved
10/17/2015 - Received notice for Biometrics
11/15/2015 - Biometrics done
12/16/2015 - Filed I-765 service request (for approaching regulatory time frame)
12/18/2015 - I-765 approved
12/27/2015 - Received EAD/parole combo card
01/07/2016 - I-485 approved
01/14/2016 - Received GC and I-485 approval.

Hopefully people will find this experience helpful. As a way of appeal, I would encourage people to post their positive experiences on the forum as well, so that people looking for information on timelines of processing can get more balanced information.



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maria565     01/21/2016 10:56 AM

Thanks so much for posting this! This is very helpful!

Did you apply alone or with your family? What is your processing center?

thank you!


thealchemist     01/24/2016 12:31 PM

I applied along with my wife (she being the beneficiary of a dependent petition).

The service center was Nebraska.


cnirmalya     01/27/2016 21:42 PM

hi, under which catagory you filled your GC and which country of citizenship?


thealchemist     02/04/2016 18:49 PM



ukbesty     01/28/2016 21:40 PM

Thanks for this - mine went in to the same Service center 3 weeks after yours (Oct 20th 2015). Hoping its on a similar timeline. Weirdly I got our EAD/AP cards through a week earlier than you did - still no sign of the holy grail.....


maria565     01/29/2016 13:01 PM

Hi Alchemist!

Was your wife's case approved the same day as yours?

My husbands's case just got approved yesterday, but mine still reads "Fingerprint fee received". Is that normal?



thealchemist     02/04/2016 18:49 PM

Yes, ours were approved on the same day. Although I think that there is no necessity that the petitions are approved on the same day.


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