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indobrownie     01/24/2016 21:21 PM

I am in the process of applying for OCI for my mom. It is taking a while just to get all the documents together and follow the process through the CKGS website. I feel like I am losing precious time.

Is it possible to travel to India while applying for an OCI card?
She does not have a visa at all and we would need to apply for visitor/tourist visa in the meanwhile. Is this even possible? How long can one stay in india with visitor or tourist visa? We were thinking OCI offers the most flexibility so we started with that process.

I know OCI will take up to two months, and possibly longer. So I was thinking she can get visitor visa so she can get to india sooner, assuming the visa process is faster than an OCI.

Would love to hear advice and suggestions.

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ProNRI     07/13/2016 10:04 AM

Unless you are planning to stay in India for longer than six months, I would stay away from OCI now, since they have this ruthless new rule that requires getting your OCI card/visa renewed (when your non-Indian passport is renewed before the age of 21 or after the age of 50) by going through the same painful application process as if you are applying for OCI for the first time. OCI used to be a piece of gold before this stupid rule was posted on the CKGS website, but now its value has tanked!

In a nutshell, if your purpose is just to visit India for less than six months every time the best option now is a 10 year multiple entry visa (which, for some reason, does not require reissue/renewal even when your non-Indian passport is renewed at any age)!


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