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KIMCAN     02/08/2016 15:01 PM

Hi All,

I am a Canadian applying for a Green Card through the EB2 Category (Employment Based). I am still waiting for my Green Card and have been quite frustrated with the process so far. It is taking much longer than anticipated. My husband is also applying of the same based on being married to me. I have had to log many customer service requests and only had success with one.

As you will see below, my case was transferred right before the USCIS were about to hit their 60 day window to respond to my RFE which essentially delays my entire case again.

Please share your timeline if you have had something similar happen to you in the application process.

09/01/2015 - Filed I-485 / 1-765 / I-131
09/04/2015 - USCIS Received Documents (Day 1)
09/08/2015 - Finger Print Fee accepted (Day 5)
10/13/2015 - Biometrics Appointment Notice (Day 45)
10/22/2015 - Biometrics Appointment (Day 54)
11/06/2015 - RFE (Day 64)
11/24/2015 - Response to RFE Received. USCIS said to contact them if they do not respond in 60 days. (Day 65 - Clock resumes from when they received RFE)
12/10/2015 - Logged Customer Service Case on I-765 being outside normal processing time. (Day 81)
12/14/2015 - Email / Text Notification that records indicate I-765 was approved on Nov. 11, 2015. (Day 85)
12/17/2015 - Email / Text Notification EAD mailed (Day 88)
12/21/2105 - Cobo Card EAD / Advance Parole Received (Day 92)
01/12/2016 - Case Transferred to another USCIS Office (NBC) in Lee's Summit. (Day 114)

Have not heard anything since 01/12/2015 on my I-485. We are now on day 141. Why are case got transferred... I don't know. Employment based Green Cards don't usually have interviews. My husband still has not received his EAD or Advanced Parole combo card. He is going crazy not working.

Please share your timeline.



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miles556     02/22/2016 13:00 PM

Any updates? i am also Canadian filed i-485 / i-765 / i-131 on Oct 26 2015. EADs are approved but i-485 still "Case was received". 120 days since filing.


KIMCAN     02/22/2016 13:02 PM

I have been called for an interview (my husband and I). This is not typical for EB2 but it could be because they are wanting to ensure our marriage is legitimate.


miles556     02/22/2016 15:53 PM

At least there is a progress. There is nothing worrying that "dead silence" beyond average processing times. Congrats! When is the interview scheduled for ?


KIMCAN     02/22/2016 16:07 PM

March 16 is when it is scheduled.


miles556     03/18/2016 16:04 PM

How did it go on your interview ?


KIMCAN     03/19/2016 13:29 PM

The interview itself was very strange. They basically they asked us to confirm our names and everything else the original application (stuff they already know). They didn't ask us anything about our marriage or my job. They asked if I had ever been denied entry to the US and I said yes, once. It was a misunderstanding when I applied for my first work visa and the misunderstanding was clarified 3 week later and I entered successfully. The officer wanted a copy of the transcript so I gave it to her. Then all of a sudden the interview was done and she didn't say good bye or anything. I am very glad we had a our lawyer present. Good news is that the Green Card was approved the next morning. I received an update from the USCIS website. Now just waiting for the card.

How was your interview?


miles556     03/22/2016 12:49 PM

Congrats on the approval.

My i-485 (Nebraska) is in "case was received" since Oct 26 2015. As of today it's been 149 days and zero movement so far :( i am really getting sick of waiting. I am trying to keep it out of my head as much as possible. Fridays are most depressing days for me.

I know there have been slow down in Nebraska service center but to what extent is unknown.
On Jan 31 they were processing application submitted on Oct 2nd 2015. Really no clue how long left to wait for applications from Oct 26th.

Glad you got your approved. I can only imagine how good it feels like :)


KIMCAN     03/22/2016 13:01 PM

It does feel really good. A huge relief.

I totally feel your pain. The service centers must be really backed up. I think there are very few cases where people get their Green Cards in 120 days. Some other people at my work are also waiting and they are going on 6 months now of waiting. I would log a customer service inquiry if your lawyer hasn't already.

Where are you from in Canada and where are you moving to in the US? I am from Vancouver.


miles556     03/22/2016 13:47 PM

Toronto Ontario. Do you know the service center name for coworkers waiting 6 months ?
According to information i could find, the 120 days processing times were pretty much norm for Nebraska Service center from beginning of the year till sometime mid September. I think those submitted in October were the most unlucky ones including me. There is a rumor the slowdown was caused by many case transfers from Texas to Nebraska.

My lawyer did submit an inquiry few weeks ago but they responded saying "case is still within normal processing time". I doubt they actually looked at my case specifically. They also said to wait 6-7 month because they are overwhelmed with work :( Again, all that information was not specific to my case so i continue to hope it will be approved really soon.

I also ran into this interesting article :)


KIMCAN     03/25/2016 17:49 PM

HI Miles,

Forgot to say that our case was originally with Nebraska and then transferred to NBC.



KIMCAN     02/22/2016 13:03 PM

What category did you apply under? I would log a case with immigration on your i-765 and i-131. Those should both be issued within 90 days.


miles556     02/22/2016 15:47 PM

EB 3 Here status of all 3 as of now
 I-485 Case was received
 I-765 Card Was Delivered To Me By The Post Office
 I-131 Fees Were Waived

Me, wife, and daughter, received Combo cards on the same day at the beginning of December 2015.


miles556     02/22/2016 15:50 PM

Because we receive combo cards (EAD and travel) after I-765 was approved that should also mean that I-131 (application for travel) was also approved?That's how i understood it.


KIMCAN     02/22/2016 16:06 PM

Yes, the i-131 is the travel document (Advanced Parole).


kifal     03/25/2016 13:25 PM

Hi KimCan, I am also from Canada (Toronto) had my Employment based(EB2) AOS interview at Baltimore office on Aug 14, 2015 and uptil now March 24,2016 got no update of what is going on.I submitted a request through email ( the only option I have) to get an update about the status and got a response that its still under process. Can you please identify your USCIS office where you filed the case?



KIMCAN     03/25/2016 17:52 PM

Hi Kifal,

That seems like a really long wait! Sorry to hear that. When did you originally file for the AOS? Mine was September 4, 2015. I filed my case originally at the Nebraska Service Center and it was transferred after 4 months to NBC.



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