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ads2154     02/25/2016 20:09 PM

All – a quick question (hopefully). If my green card were to get approved tomorrow and I were to get my green card in the mail a week later, how quickly would I be able to switch to a new job? Is there a legal requirement (i.e. by the US government) for me to stay at my current job for a certain period of time once I receive my green card? Or is it as simple as, once I receive the physical green card I can switch jobs. Also, once you get your green card, do you have to get a stamp of some sort on your passport?

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miles556     02/26/2016 10:59 AM

The answer is: you can start looking for a job and accept new job after i-485 is approved and green card is in your hand. I strongly recommend not show any signs "i am looking for a job" while your I-485 is pending. You defiantly don't want officer to find that out while his reviewing your case. Once approved you're good go.

Just curious, whats the urge to change the job? unfair pay,lack of career growths or anything else?

BTW: some may say you need to be at your job for another 6 month after GC, but that is total BS.


thealchemist     02/27/2016 16:24 PM

As far as I know, you are a PR as soon as your I-485 is approved. Thus, in theory, you can look for jobs as soon as you get the notification email saying that the I-485 has been approved. Once your I-485 is approved, you will definitely get your green card, because it is just a document that shows that your I-485 has been approved.

However, until you are deeply pressed for time, there is usually a 1 week difference between the I-485 approval and getting green card in hand (in most of the cases), and it doesn't make sense to go through the process without being absolutely sure.

Hope this helps.

- A


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