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rt201     03/04/2016 20:46 PM

Applying for Indian visa through CKNG (Cox & King Global Services) website is the most frustrating experience. I have never seen such convoluted and poorly designed forms to enter the necessary information for applying for the VISA.

It will really help the people who are applying for Indian VISA if the forms can be simplified and made intuitive by integrating the instructions and help text within the forms. That is really how forms are designed for information/data entry.

There are only two pages of information to enter for the VISA application, but because the way forms are designed, it takes for ever to enter the information. None of the forms are intuitive and the instructions to enter the forms not at all straightforward. The navigation of these forms are designed by some entry level people, a lot more improvements are needed to make these forms efficient, user friendly and easy to enter.

There is so much duplication in the forms and when an error is made while entering the data, many of the information that is already entered get erased and the defaults selected are not at all helpful. Standard website design principles and techniques are not at all used while designing these forms.

What happened to the IT knowledge and expertise that Indians claim to have??

I called the phone number for help several times and most of the people are not knowledgeable and those who have some know-how have too much ego to give any good help.

It is shameful for the Indian Consulates and the Indian Government to let something like this to be given to the VISA applicants, it is really a torture for those who fill the VISA applications. I hoping that the Indian Consulate and the Indian Government will take the necessary steps to improve this.

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