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Ujval Chopra     03/15/2016 00:51 AM


I applied for the schengen Visa from the netherlands VAC delhi on 10th March, till now the tracker shows that the application has been sent to the embassy for further processing.

I have a valid UK visa on my passport which i got in 1 day.

Along with my application and cover letter i submitted

travel insurance papers
Return flight ticket to Amsterdam and from London
Hostel booking in Netherlands, Berlin and Prague
In my cover letter i had mentioned my itiniary in which i mentioned italy and spain also but i didnt attach hostel booking for the same, although my financial papers show enough money using which i can easily book hostels, but i wanted to keep my itiniary open.
i attached my ticket to London from paris stating that i will be leaving the schengen region.
i have shown my 6 month bank account statements and investment details and property papers
My fathers sponsorship letter
bonafide student letter from college
letter from my relatives in the UK.

By when can i expect a reply? my flight is for 10th April. i worried that if even it is rejected i should get enough time to re apply before my flight.


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Shabs1234     07/13/2016 11:21 AM

Hey, did you receive your VISA for the trip?
Did the VISA consulate check with your college or with the places you were planning to stay?


dga     12/16/2016 10:16 AM

Hey..i m medicine student in india and my study will be completed on 20 th March...i want to visit Europe around January- February...my cousin lives in France..He can give us invitation letter... my parents are government employee and earns 67 k per month each..we have properties also here...what are our chances of getting European visa and schenegan visa??


dga     12/16/2016 10:17 AM

we are going to visit europe through Cox and kings/ MMT.....


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