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Houston_City     04/13/2016 17:33 PM

I live in Houston .. and I'm a US Citizen. We have 3 biological Kids ages (20, 18, and 16) ... we have adopted 3 kids (ages 4, 6, and 11) in May 2014 ... they were on visit visa. Their father was seriously ill and have cancer and we want to take care of the kids and provide the best we can ...... Kids are living with us since June 2013. I filled for change of status in Nov 2015 and my priority date is Nov 27.
Time Line
Kids living with me since June 2013
Court approved adoption on May 2014
Birth Certificates issued by state of TX under my name and my wifes name as parents,
File for change of status and Green Care in Nov 1015 .. send forms to Chicago office .. they transfer the docs to Benefits Center in St. Louis ..
Priority Date is Nov 27, 2015
Finger Prints are done on Dec 3, 2015
Still waiting to hear from USCIS ...

Anyone can please help to provide what will happen next ......I have no clue about what to expect next .... I'm expecting they will call me for interview but not sure when ... kids are minor and what they will be asking them?
Your help will be highly appreciated.


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santafe     09/13/2017 01:44 AM

you need a inmigration lawyer


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