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himakarri     05/09/2016 00:29 AM


My parents have been lawful permanent residents of USA since 2005.
Their cards were up for renewal in 2016.

They applied for approval in July 2015.
In the process we received the following i - 797 C forms:
1. Notice of action - receipt
2. notice of action - biometrics appt.

At the biometrics appointment they got a stamp in their passport extending the validity of their greencards till the end of May 2016.
After which they travelled out of country and while returning they were not allowed to board the flight by the airline.
The airline required for them to have a i 797 form along with the extension stamp in the passport.
According to the airline, the i-797 form would have the validity extension information along with the specific dates till which validity has been extended.

But, we received no such form from USCIS.

I see that i-797 form is sent on approval of 'Immigration petition for relative, fiance or orphan', with specific validity extension dates.

Do personnel applying for green card renewals also receive similar validity extension forms?


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Detroitfiler     01/12/2017 15:34 PM

Hi Hima,

I'm sorry to hear your parents were not allowed to board a flight back home. One question: You said you didn't receive such forms but isn't the notice of action the form I-797 itself? The notice of action (form I-797) shows that you applied to renew your green card and many airlines will allow you board a flight if you have your notice of action and stamp on your passport.
If you don't have it, you may apply for a transportation letter (boarding foil) at the Embassy/consulate/USCIS office overseas close to where your parents are.

I hope that helps!


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