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Fraud H1 application Azket E-intelligence LLC



I applied for H1 lottery through Azket e-intelligence llc. initially they were very responsive but after I paid the money they were not reachable easily. My application did got picked up in lottery with Status RFE but RFE response was never sent by azket. and My visa got rejected. For RFE response they did took more money but never did anything. And the accounts that they give to transfer money are also very fishy. Highly unprofessional people. Now they are not returning my call or returning the money back.

Please be aware of this fishy scam company. beware of aseem kumar or prince calling you for any future reference.

svcp4u     03/14/2018 12:06:54 PM

Sorry to hear this, my friend was looking for sponsorship, so a representative from Azket contacted him. He was in the dilemma whether to go with him or search for others. Could you please reply to [email protected] to discuss further.
Your help will be appreciated. Thank U!

h1aspirantbaroda     03/14/2018 12:15:49 PM

Hi svcp4u,

I do not have details on sponsorship. Just shared my experience on portal.
Wish you all the best in finding the right people who can help you.
Unfortunately I do not have any helpful information. sorry for that

muneebzaidi     11/19/2018 21:58:05 PM

Hi Buddy,

I have experienced the same thing from a sister company of Aztek - e Intelligence called Dot Dev LLC. They charged me $2000 and disappeared. This is a scam and I am reporting it to the Police and USCIS.

I have their previous office addresses, house addresses etc and I am still invastigating further.

They keep opening new companies with new names. We will try to get our money back. Let me know if you are interested to get your money back too. Feel free to contact me. I will send you my watsapp number as we chat further. Thanks

asitth     04/25/2019 10:53:21 AM

I am in the same boat as you. Can I get your email address please so we can find way to get out money back?


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