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Femmy     09/11/2019 00:22 AM

Hey guys it’s been a while but I need some advice
I filed for my residence Conditon removal on 06/28/2019
I got my extension on 07/4/2019 but it’s going on 3 months
Now and am yet to receive my biometric notice I called they said
They will inform me when they schedule one for me I just want know
If it’s like this for everyone or they are backlogged will appreciate
All your replies

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Coolkid     08/31/2019 16:28 PM

Hi guys, so I’ve applied to remove conditions on my GC (I-751) on sep, 2016 till date no decision has been made or updated. I went to the local office on the Aug 2019 and was told that my case has been approved but yet tracking it online or calling the 1800 numbers says pending. I’ve put in service request after visiting the local office and a got a response that it’s still pending due to back ground checks. It’s been almost 3yrs anyone with same issue? Thank you

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pharma3006     08/29/2019 13:49 PM

Hello guys,
I obtained my 2-years green card in 6/2018 and I will be renewing it in 6/2020 (file for the removal of conditions). I am thinking about changing my last name to my husband last name this year (preferably before the delivery of our baby in 11/2019). My question is: is it going to be okay for me to apply for a 10-years green card while my name on my 2-years green card is different from my current (soon-to be name)? Of course I will be changing my name on my ID, social security card and all other forms of documentations. I did not want to pay a ~$400-$500 fee to replace my current green card with my new last name now (cause it can take months) and then a few weeks later, apply (and pay another fee) to get a 10-years green card. Please let me know what you think! Thank you

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Mr Kadogo     08/01/2019 22:14 PM

Hi everyone,

I am new here. this is my first post. Thanks to y'all who share your experience.

I am going to file I-751 to remove conditions on my Marriage base green card. I feel like I don't have enough supporting documents.
 I wanted to ask y'all if I should hold my breath and submit, or hold off and get more documents?
Here is what I have:
(the ones with * are what I had submitted the first time to get the 2 year GC)

1. Joint Tax return for last 2 years (been married for 2 and half years)
2. Joint Health Insurance*
3. 401K with my wife being 100% beneficially*
4. Joint Rent Lease*
5. Joint Utility bills (gas & Water)
6. A lot of pictures with my family members and inlaws.
7. I will get 3 supporting letters from family and friends.

We don't have joint bank accounts. we manage our money better keeping them separated since one of us has bad spending habits.

So I am very scared since last time we went for interview, they asked about joint financial, and we explained that we agreed to keep it this way but we were still young in marriage that things might change. we love each other, we live together, and we function well together like that.

Any of you guys advice?
each had a vehicle when we got married and we never shared titles, but I have been thinking, maybe we can legally co-own one vehicle...

90 days start 8/14/2019. I am also afraid if I do something now, they might think it was not legitimate.

thank you.

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narsapgrc     07/25/2019 13:36 PM

Hi guys,

I got a conditional GC for 2 years. So when i apply for the Removal of conditions i-751, Do i need to apply 90 days before my second anniversary? Or Do i need to apply 90 days before the expiration of my conditional GC? because the difference is 6 months. All your answers are really appreciated.


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Leejones2019     06/25/2019 10:35 AM

Atlanta, Georgia
I filled for my green card MAY 2018
Receipt Notice in MAY 2018
Finger Print in JUNE 2018
Card in Mail JUNE 2019
Card delivered JUNE 2019

In total, it took a year to receive my 10 years green card. I got a notice of 18months process but God made it possible it took a year. I know it’s difficult for us to be patient but that’s all we can do.
I thank God for making it possible, it’s still like a dream to me. I’m so happy for this major achievement and I pray your prayers will be answered also.

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kayflex     06/20/2019 00:40 AM

Hello folks, I submitted my green card conditional removal (I-751), since February 2019. Till date, I am yet to receive an update. Although, I was given the 18 months extension which is the new trend. My status remains CASE RECEIVED. Do we have people in this situation? 4 months over. Should I just expect a biometric update? or do they call every folk for another interview again? just curious.............


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RicardoPVD     06/14/2019 09:47 AM

We applied for green card conditions removal (i-751) on April 2018, after a couple of months I received an 18 months extension. Last March I travelled to Mexico and on my reentry I was stopped by immigration officers for about 40 minutes, then they said I had a "very common name" and let me through. Then a week later I received a letter from USCIS saying my case was transferred to the Texas office. So my question is, will the date of reception is reset to March 2019? Thanks.

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Lisa123     06/11/2019 08:57 AM

I submitted my I 751 application on February and on May it was updated to Case Is Ready To Be Scheduled For An Interview,and i haven't received any mail till now. How long it would take to get the next update? Is it possible not to have an interview?? I fear having it when I travel since I book it in advance !
P.s. submitted from Houston

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JulioRH     06/07/2019 15:47 PM


I am about to send my application to renew my green card. I will be sending form I-751.
My question is..
On the application it asked if I have ever been arrested. and I answer yes.
they already ask for details about the arrest on my previous one. I sent them all the documents that were required. They asked for originals. Should I explain at the end of the application that they have all the docs from my arrest on my previous application, or should I tried to go and ask for documents to court again?
So far I have this documents
form I-751
form G-1145
Photos of our church wedding in 2018
bank statements
Joint tax returns 2017 and 2018

What else should I include?

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