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ksaaah2006     09/28/2017 11:22 AM

following are the Questions asked:

Is it renewal?

when did you start working on H1-b? i said month and year.

how many years is that?

do you work for xxx employer?

what do you do for your employer?

what is your highest degree?

what is your current salary?

did you paid any fees for visa?

can you give me your LCA?

she said your visa is approved.

That was it. she did not asked any questions to my spouse and this was my first time stamping(COS-F1 to H1).

Interview Date: 22nd September 2017 at 10:15am
22nd afternoon Status changed: Admin processing
26th afternoon Status changed: Received passport

At POE normal questions were asked like where are you traveling. What do you do there? where did you study? and when did you graduate?

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aditimittal     09/20/2015 16:22 PM

I am an Aditi Mittal, an Indian Citizen(Passport Number L9573111) and I have traveled from NewYork to Boston on 16th Sep 2016 on Flight AA235 operated by American Airlines on a First Class Ticket.

Once I checked in at Hotel and opened my bag, I realized to my surprise that my entire Checked-In bag had been searched and items re-arranged and to my horror a lot of high value items have been stolen from my check-in bag.

The List of Items is as follows:
Louis Vuitton Men's wallet - $571.59
Louis Vuitton Women's Pouch - $1371.83
Hermes Belt(Orange & Brown with Golden Buckle) - $800
Ferragamo Belt(Black & Brown with silver buckle) - $480

The Luggage tag number is 3001257836 and my seat number was 3A.

I need your assistance in helping me find my stolen items and I have already reached India in despair.

Customer Baggage File Information:
File Number: BCCAA00013003
Date: 09/17/2015
Location Reported:
Customer Name: ADITI MITTAL
Bagtag: 3001257836

Online lost item id: 1790610

Filed a report with Boston State Police and my complaint number with police is 2015-OFI-026536. I have received no response from them as well.

I am feeling mentally tortured, harassed, drained of energy. My life seems to be ending. I had collected the items with money earned from my sweat blood and hard work and it is all lost in your airlines stolen by your staff.

I want it back.

Thanks & Regards

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ardi     03/26/2013 13:49 PM



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Connie- ()     09/24/2011 16:32 PM

I posed on their Facebook and was remove immediately:Don't waste your time with this airline. They will cancel your flight days before your trip or possibly while you are on your trip and you will need to find a way home. You may have a 12 hour delay and be routed to a few different cities first that are not listed on your itinerary. Perhaps they just suddenly won't be flying there anymore. While they have known they weren’t flying that route anymore they just forgot to let you know. Their mechanical problems never end...SCARY. Then you will get, sorry tough luck, we can’t do anything about your prepaid condo arrangements, nor the cancellation fee, or the purchasing of tickets on a reputable carrier, and by-the-way the price is has more than doubled now for no advance purchase requirements have been met. Very greedy airline and who ever directs them needs to be FIRED. You will be lucky if you ever see your refund for they will stall and stall and give excuse after excuse and somehow blame you for their tricks. Cheap gets Cheap! RUN RUN RUN…..safetly and quality is worth paying for and you will end up paying more as a result of trying to purchase inexpensive... AVOID THEM FOR THEY ARE THE PLAGUE.

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sheetalSuresh- ()     06/29/2011 10:46 AM

Hello Friend,

My Parents are traveling from Mumbai to New-york by emirates airline on August 6th 2011.10.30 pm. If someone is traveling on that date with same airline and same destination kindly send your contact details. I just want to give company to my parents because they are coming first time to USA. and they can speak Marathi or Hindi .Please , I am very much thankful and greatful to that person.

Thank you so much.


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SheetalSuresh- ()     06/29/2011 10:40 AM

Hello Friends

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Srini Krishna- ()     03/31/2008 14:46 PM

This happened back in Jun 2007 when I was returning to India from Chicago O'Hare Intl.

At the security check, I kept my Wallet, shoes, all metal coins etc and when I was removing my watch, the agent said, u donot have to. Since she said that, I did not and went thru the security check point and it beeped !

Immediately the agent said I told you to remove and quarantine all metal stuff, now go back and do that and come thru.
I went back and then checked all my pockets and I was clean and then went thru the sec check point again, and it beeped this time too!

Irritated agent came back and told me did u not hear me! now go back and come again!

I patiently came back and redid the whole process and I asked if i have to remove the watch as it obviously has the metal in it. She said you donot have and said these idiots donot understand at all and come all the way over here.

I lost my patience now and told her, u know what, i donot think u know what needs to be quarantined. And I can speak much better English than what you do, and I can prove it to u that its the watch that's beeping thru the checkpoint and removed my watch and waved it thru the checkpoint and it beeped! Following this I threw my watch into the x-ray check and walked thru the check point with ease!

These guys think that they are the best, and which is never the case and insult asians to the core!

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Blrmaani- ()     02/24/2008 05:42 AM

Can someone post experience about their journey from
Newark to Bombay? I think it has a transit in Brussels.

thanks in advance

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Foreigner- ()     02/11/2008 22:34 PM

Let me share mine in Mumbai, although it was a couple of years ago.
I was born in India but have a foreign passport. When you are leaving the country they have an officer interview you. I am not sure why, but it is quite unusual, kind of like an exit interview I guess. I have not seen that anywhere else.

Anyway the guy asked all sorts of detailed questions, and then finally asked me how much Rupees cash I have with me. I told him I'm not exactly sure, but about 1000Rs(about 20 dollars at that time). He told me the limit was 800Rs for foreigners leaving India and told me it was illegal to take Indian Rupees out of the country and asked me to take out my wallet and count it, when I counted it, it turned out I had 1400 Rs in my wallet. Then he became quite irate and condescending and asked me what I do for a living, I told him I am a doctor, then he went on insulting me, asking whether I would say that a patients temperature was 104 if it was 101! I told him that is not relevant here. He got angrier and told me he will have to confiscate that money. I told him 1400 Rs is not that much money and I could spend it in the departure lounge before I left. He was livid. He asked me to hand over the Indian currency. I was not quite sure what to do, but I sure as hell knew I did not want this scumbag to have that money. So I turned around and gave the balance above 800Rs to another passenger in line next to me and said take it as a gift from a stranger. That pushed him over the edge, he started yelling in Hindi. I told him I do not speak Hindi, that seemed to upset him even more. By this time other passengers were aware of what was going on as well and were objecting as well. He was fuming and walked away from his desk yelling and shouting in Hindi and his supervisor came to take over. He asked what the issue was and I explained it to him. He waved me by and moved on to the next passenger.

Later that passenger, came up to me in the departure lounge and returned the money I gave her. We started chatting, and I asked her to join me in the restaurant as our flight was 3 hrs away so we went to the restaurant and spent it all in the departure lounge on a meal and a couple of drinks and the tip.

They need to improve things and get rid of these morons in those airports. Perhaps they need to pay them realistic salaries and then make them more accountable. They don't realize it and perhaps care even less, but they represent India's image and brand every day in the eyes of visitors and travellers alike.

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Dude- ()     02/11/2008 22:30 PM

I share the same feelings but I think you are still the lucky one since I paid those TV money and went through a horrific experience travelling through Heathrow Airport. I've posted my experience on IV site but let me put that again for the benefits of other readers.

I had to travel through UK because I trapped into buying a cheaper ticket through Air India without realizing that UK does not recongize Advanced Parole and you have to purchage Transit Visa, even if your plan is just going to land there and you may not come out of the plane. Anyways I did that mistake and paid for my DATV fees. That was only the start of my sufferings. After going through all the security checks on JFK airport, we were surprised when all the passengers from Air India were asked to de-board the plane and go through the security checks again. There were more than 150 passengs in a plane and you can imagine all going though a security check again. On top of that, we were allowed only 1hr 40 mins to complete the security process. With more than 150 people, it almost took our entire time in the security check with no time to go for rest room, coffer or just sit and relax a bit. For young ones it was still ok to stand in a queue for such a long but for all the old people flying it was just a nightmare if you have not asked for the wheel chair.

It does not end here. Even though you are allowed a cabin baggage and a person item like purse, camera etc. Moment we de-boarded the plane at heathrow, a bitch-looking lady asked us to stuff all our personal items in our cabin baggage while we were going through the security checks. I asked her why she is asking us to do that since we need to take out our personal item again once we pass the security and there was seriously no point in that. Her words were "SHUT UP AND END OF DISCUSSION". I told her that we are not flying free and this is the last time I'm flying through your country. I hope not everyone in UK is like this bitch. I also talked to Air India official and I was told that due to all these reasons Air India will be flying directly to Delhi from Feb onwards.

We had to go through the same experience again when we came back from India and I took an oath of not flying through UK again.

I'm not sure why Indian diplomats or Air India official has done nothing about it. I do not understand the reason for their weaknesses. I guess time is not far when London official will realize their mistake when every airlines will start flying directly to Asia.

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