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gurug     03/22/2018 13:04 PM

First of all thanks to this forum which helped me a lot for preparing the questions for my B1 Visa Interview.

My Visa was rejected the first time because I took it very casually then I found this forum and I was through the second time.

Here is how the interview went:

VO: What is your purpose of visit?
Me: "I am going to attend Project meetings with team members and stakeholders to discuss road-map regarding our project."

VO: Where are you going in US?
Me: I wanted to say Palo Alto, California but as soon as I said "Palo Alto" he stopped me there and said "OK, OK I Know".

VO: How long you are gonna stay there?
Me: "I am going there for 2 weeks. I'll go there on xx/xx and come back by xx/xx. (He was listening very carefully when I was giving dates)."

VO: Have you ever been to US before?
Me: "No, this would be my first time."

VO: Have you been to any other country oustside of India?
Me: "No, US will be my first country."

VO: How long you are working with this XXX company?
Me: "I am working there from last 4 years and 8 months."

VO: What is your designation?
Me: "I am currently an MTS-3, Member of Technical Staff-3."

VO: What is your annual salary?
Me: "xxx lakhs per annum."

VO: Are you Married?
Me: "No, but going to get married after two months."

VO: You said you are going to meet the clients, could you please name some?
Me: xxx, xxx and xxx.

Me: Thank you sir, Have a good Day :)

I was pretty confident while answering the question and I think that is the key to this process. I had written down all my answers 10 days before the interview and revised it a lot which really helped me.

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g17choudhary     03/22/2018 06:54 AM

in invitation letter mentioned that purpose of the visit is " Product design sessions".

can I say the same or reword this as "to discuss the challenges/improve Product with our business associates."
should I need to change the letter?

Kindly suggest.

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ifeoluwa     03/20/2018 06:28 AM

Myself, husband and three kids went for visa interview on 23rd Feb 2018 and the interview went very fine and we were given the white paper which is the visa collection paper to collect our passport in three days time.
Unfortunately, when my husband got to the DHL office, he was given back our passports along with the 214b blue paper which is the refusal letter. My husband was so devastated.
He sent them a mail via his office address expressing how he felt and after being given the visa collection form and now later rejected him and his family. He explained in the mail again that he was just taking his family for vacation and also mention his ties in home country for them to know that he would come back.
The consular general replied his mail by telling him that his family was rejected cos after the interview the feel that the VO should have rejected the visa based on 214b which is strong ties, he now concluded the mail by telling my husband that he respectfully ask us to reapply again if we still have future plans to travel to the US.
Now, we want to reapply next month and not changing anything in our formal application....Do u all think that there is any chance for us to get the visa approved this time?...My husband will tender all his documents along with his reference letter from his Head Office this time aroung. He is a Banker with good annual package. while i work in a school.
WE NEED SOMEONE TO REPLY TO THIS MAIL AS THIS IS THE ONLY PLATFORM I FEEL WE CAN GET HELP. THANK YOU ALL ...The kids can't wait to visit DisneyWorld..they are 7yrs, 4yrs and 2yrs old

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p4pravin     03/18/2018 09:14 AM

Hello All,
I have an appointment on 2nd of April.
I need some help from you guys.

I was already rejected for B1/B2 two times and applying for the third time., reason was 214B.

I am going to attend 3-day E-commerce conference.

This conference is for network with key merchants, partners, and developers, and join industry leaders in live breakout sessions, customer panels, and keynotes.
What should be the best answer for the purpose of this visit ?

I am going to represent from my company to connect with different merchants and chance to build relationships and drive partnerships with the industry’s leading innovators.
I will also get a chance to be first to discover new platform developments and solutions

This time I select to give interview in my mother tongue to make sure I can explain the VO clearly ..

Thanks in Advance

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darshann     03/16/2018 00:32 AM

In my first B1 Interview I was rejected at Hyderabad Consulate on 02-Feb-2018.
My Client asked me to reapply again and this time applied at Chennai Consulate.

The interview went nearly for 15 minutes and finally, it was Approved.

Here are the Questions which VO asked me

Me: Good Afternoon Mam, how you doing Today?
VO: I am Good. Thank You. How About You?
Me: I am doing Great
VO: Purpose of the Travel Sir
Me: To be Part of Series of Business Meetings with my Client regarding Project.
VO: Which Location?
Me: Woodinville
VO: Sorry?
Me: Woodinville, Washington
VO: Oh! Washington. Can you explain in Detail about your visit?
Me: Recently, my client has acquired a couple of other companies, so I will part of meetings with Business Stake Holders to discuss about the next steps and accordingly we going to set Future Road Map.
VO: What will you do?
Me: I am an Associate Lead Business Analyst in SCM and WMS applications.
VO: What is your role in SCM and WMS?
Me: I will work With the Client about the Requirements and with the Development Team I have, will work on the Changes.
VO: What are these Applications?
Me: These are Oracle Applications where Users will place few Orders about their needs and these applications fulfill the User needs until End it reaches to Users. It’s something like Database which Stores these day to day Transactions.
VO: Will you do Coding for the Development?
Me: I know little bit Coding but not involved in the Complete Code Development.
VO: Then who will do that?
Me: I have a team in India who will do this.
VO: So, you won’t do coding?
Me: Yes, I am a pure Business Analyst
VO: Are you Married, Sir?
Me: Yes Mam
VO: Where you put up?
Me: In Bangalore
VO: Who and all stay with you?
Me: My Parents and my Wife
VO: Your wife works?
Me: No, she is a Home Maker

VO: Give me a Minute Sir.

She went to his Higher Official where they discuss 3 minutes and both came to the place where the interview is going on.
She switched off the Microphone and they both gone through the system and discussed again for 2 minutes.
Then, the higher official left the place and the interview continued……….

VO: Did you have any travel history?
Me: No Mam
VO: Why?
Me: All my previous projects were based in India, so I had traveled within India and this is my first project which I am part of being Outside of India.
VO: So, did you travel similar kind of meetings before?
Me: Yes Mam, within India I had traveled to many locations.
VO: What is your Package sir?
VO: Can I see your Pay slips?
Me: Sure, Man and handed over my Pay Slips.
She Looked the document thoroughly and she kept with her
VO: Why was your last B1 rejected?
Me: I am really not sure why it was rejected during that time, but now the circumstances totally changed and my Client really wants me to be part of meetings and hence I reapplied again.
VO: Do you have the Schedule plan?
Me: Yes Mam, I do have.
VO: Can you please show it to me?
Me: Sure. Handed over the Invitation Letter.
She went through the letter completely till the last page

And Finally said,
VO: Thank You Sir and your visa is Approved. Have a Nice and safe Stay.
Me: Thank You Very Much, Mam

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djd_b1     03/16/2018 10:41 AM

Hey all..

I posted a query 2 days back but didnt see any response coming. However, in the mean time, I finished my Visa Interview and got it approved.

The immihelp Visa interview experiences of others has immensely helped me in preparation of the interview.

here is my experience:

on 15-March-18, the biometrics was done, it went pretty smooth.no issues faced, everything was done within 40 mins.

Note: you can carry your mobile to biometrics, but keep it in silent/airplane mode. there is locker facility provided by the Building Facility management for a small price.
outsiders can keep their luggage in it.

On 16-March, I reached the Embassy at 11:30 Am for 11:45 AM appointment.There were many happy and sad faces that were coming out of the embassy after their interview, some people were crying, some were jumping.I was getting nervous seeing all that, So I stopped looking at people :) I was let in exactly at 11:45 AM, after going in, security checks were done, biometrics were checked within 45 mins I was before the VO.

Note: For people who want to take their bikes/cars, there is a BotanicalGarden/ Semmozhi Poonga just a few steps away from the embassy on the opp side of the road. You can park your vehicles there and go to the embassy, you may have to walk a bit, 700-800 mtrs, but there is an option :)

When I reach the counter at close to 12:20 PM (11:45 PM slot is last slot before lunch time) the VO was typing something for the previous candidate. Hence, asked me to wait for a few mins. I patiently waited until she asked me to come forward.
The VO was in a rush so she could leave for lunch after finishing the interviews.

This is how it went:

I: Good Afternoon maam
VO: didnt care nor responded to what I said (i had an inner feeling that VO wasnt interested)
VO: Passport please
I: here it is.
VO: what is the purpose of your visit?
I: to participate business meetings and discussions with our client.
VO: how long?
I: 3 weeks
VO: What are the meetings about?
I: to discuss business strategies and plans with stake holders, these meetings involve brain storming sessions, these meetings are meant to add value for our client and make their processes efficient.
VO: who is your client?
I: xxxxx (a well known company)
VO: which location?
VO: Annual package
I: xx laks(she took a long time, was doing something on the screen,as I mentioned my package per month, I didnt include the bonuses and perks that I receive at the end of every year).
VO: how much did you say?
I: again xx Laks
VO: thanks. Your visa is approved. You can collect it after 2-3 working days.

it took close to 2-3 mins for the entire process, was highly relieved after a bad night's sleep.

I had a thorough preparation for the answers, but still every time I was reharsing, I kept adding more to the actual answer :D

I was very thankful to God for getting the Visa approved.. since it was lunch time, VOs were leaving the counters and there were a lot of people for L1 blanket Visas than B1 visas when I went in.

For all those who have their interview in coming day, guys, be confident, give your best, and leave the rest to VO and GOD, there is nothing else we can do.

life doesn't end at B1 .. as mine didnt end after 3 H1 applications :D

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Djd_b1     03/14/2018 15:46 PM

Hi all..

I am really fortunate to find this site as I was tensed and totally worried about the interview day.But going through various experience s of the people on this site,I realised I wasn't alone:)

I am going to attend B1 ivisa interview on 16th March. I have applied for H1B visa 3 times so far .First 2 times it didn't get through the lottery and the 3rd time, last year it was picked in lottery but the petition was rejected.can you please tell me if it could cause an issue for me to obtain B1 as I have continuously applied for H1 last 3 yrs?

Thanks again!!

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dreamerX11     03/12/2018 10:11 AM

Background -
Working as Client Services Manager
Total experience - 4.9 years (with the same company)

I appeared for B1 Visa interview today at Mumbai for the 10:15 am slot and was rejected, the VO was quite rude as well in her behavior.

Me: Good Morning Mam
VO: Good Morning, passport please

VO: So have you traveled anywhere before?
Me: No

VO: What do you do?
Me: I work as Client Services Manager with XXXX Company

VO: What is your work Experience?
Me: Total of 4 years and 9 Months with the same company

VO: Why are you travelling to US?
Me: For series of business meetings with the client and our onshore management

VO: What are these meetings about?
Me: One of our major client has requested for transfer of IT Services from offshore to onshore and I have been invited by our Onshore management for series of discussions regarding the same and once they sign the new contract i will be back in India.

VO: Sorry cannot approve your Visa and handed me the 214b paper.

I have been going through this forum since long, I had dressed up appropiately, i was looking at her all the while also I am sure my body language was quite ok all this while.

Before me, she had approved 4-5 visas on the trot for school kids and i was praying that i don't get to interview by her since i knew she would reject anyone that comes after the kids.

Please advise what went wrong.

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srisuryasagar     03/12/2018 08:02 AM

Thanks for this group giving valuable suggestions and sharing experiences. it helped me a lot to get through.

I attended B1 Visa

Me: Good morning interview on 9th march at Chennai. i dont have any Visas and till now not traveled.

VO: Good morning passport please

VO: Why are you traveling?
Me: To attending Business and Technical discussions with my client XXX about my new project.

VO: which location you are going?
Me: Santa Clara, California

VO: For how long you are going?
Me: Two weeks.

VO: Whats your experience?
Me: 8 years.

VO: whats your designation:
Me: Lead Engineer.

VO: Whats your annual income.
Me: XXX lakhs per annum.

VO: Are yo married?
Me: Yes.

VO: Is your wife traveling with you ?
Me: No.

VO: Your Visa Approved.
Me. Thanks.


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manitabh     03/12/2018 05:30 AM

Hi Friends

This is my first post. My L1B visa was rejected on March 2012. Now I joined a different company couple of months back and they decided to send me Houston for business meeting. Here is my experience.

I went Chennai VAC on 9th March for biometric and it was fast and very simple. I came back Bangalore and again went on 11th March because my interview was on 12th March.

I went to consulate little early (my appointment was at 10:15 and I reached at 9). Waited in hot weather of Chennai. I was allowed to go inside at 10:20. I did not carry mobile, wallet etc. Only passport and documents.

After security check, I was allowed to go inside. There was a hall and my passport was scanned and I was asked to stand in a queue. After waiting for 10 mins, I was asked to go to counter no 21. VO was a guy.

Me: GM sir
VO: No reply, passport please.
I handed over the passport.
VO: Purpose of your visit.
Me: Business meeting and workshop with xxx leads in Houston.
VO: Since how long in this company?
Me: 2 Months
VO: Before xxx, which company?
Me: xxx company
VO: For how long?
Me: 4 years
VO: Salary?
Me: xxx lakhs per annum (pretty decent).
VO: Designation?
Me: xxx Manager
VO: For how many days you are going?
Me: 10 days.
VO: Where in US?
Me: Houston.
VO: Have you travelled outside India before?
Me: Yes, UK in 2012.
VO : Your visa is approved.

I was in formal, no tie or coat. I was nervous but when I went to counter, I answered flawlessly.

All the best.

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