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rawraw     01/21/2015 15:04 PM

Some of you says CKGS was helpful? WTF? these guys are bunch of idiots as expected sitting in india getting paid for taking phone calls and read what's on screen. You can never and will ever expect these useless bunch of CKGS team to beyond their role and put efforts to find out the issue and resolve it. But wait have one mantra "Wait for couple of days" and bet you most of them don't even know how many couple means? Useless, pathetic, sluggish and ofcourse typical indian company/employees who are stuck to their seats

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indianorigin     01/21/2015 13:53 PM

Heard from rep that applications at embassy are less likely to be returned. They will be processed for a PIO deemed as OCI. That means, any PIO applications that CKGS has send to Embassy will get processed. That means even a later date such as 01/15. How far is this information true for New York Embassy?

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kvisahelp     01/21/2015 00:49 AM

Has anyone yet received a PIO (minor) @SFO if application was submitted to Embassy before 01/09/2015?

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USGC14     01/21/2015 09:49 AM

• Received two packages on Tuesday January 20, 2015, one had nephew’s PIO with issue date of January 9, 2015. Other package has RETURNED renunciation application of brother in law with handwritten note that “according to Indian consulate – applicant is not eligible for renunciation” REALLY? Anyone has come across same reason from consulate/CKGS?
• Received email on January 16, 2015 that application has been collected from embassy and is being sorted. Went online and saw PIO related notification so was in fear that they will return the application and would have to apply for OCI.
• Received email on January 5, 2015 that applications has been submitted to consulate.
• Mailed so called missing document on December 30, 2014 that was received by CKGS on December 31, 2014
• Received email on December 26, 2014 – that PIO application is on hold because renunciation application of father has missing document(though it had everything)
• Applied for nephew’s PIO with brother in laws renunciation on December 22, 2014. Application was delivered to CKGS on December 23, 2014

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Ganesh_Chicago     01/20/2015 23:04 PM

my cousin applied PIO card for his kid at houston center, the package reached by the Indian consulate exactly by 1/9/2014 (status email received). Till now no status update after that and NOT received the PIO card or the rejected package???

When called CKGS they are telling the package is in Indian Consulate. When tried calling/emailing Indian consulate NO response... Really bad... at least they have to give a status on the application. With the travel date coming soon he does not know what to do next....

Any help/suggestion will be appreciated.

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de_kash     01/20/2015 19:54 PM

Applied for PIO card on Jan 09 th. 2015...
Shock and anger on Jan 15 with new gazette... couldn't believe they can just throw it at us without notice.... was very furious... called, mailed CKGS, Consulate guys, but as you guess, its of no use... was worried since i had to travel to india on Feb end... and with the style of working of CKGS or Consulate ( btw they don't even pick your calls :( ) was thinking about applying for VISA.....

CKGS update said they will sending back application... ...and received package from them on 20th as expected....
and guess what..... a surprise ...CKGS have sent PIO card .....now the card is issued on Jan 14 th and I am sure it will be treated as OCI card hence forth....

Anyway I went thru worry,,shock,,,anger,,,and finally sigh of relief....

I hope it will work with all of people who are going thru anxiety ....and hope Govt of India improves on treating Indians well, henceforth....

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deshi     01/20/2015 14:11 PM

I received PIO cards for my family. Three PIO cards were issued with issue date of Jan 9th, 2015 and one with issue date of Jan 12th, 2015. So according to the Gazette notification the 3 PIO cards would be deemed as OCI and the fourth is in Limbo. I have contacted the Consulate and waiting for the reply.

It would have been better if the Gazette had a language that all existing PIO cards will be deemed as OCI cards and not have the Jan 9th, 2015 date... The language in the Gazette is not clear... so maybe someone with a law background can explain what this means....

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indianorigin     01/19/2015 14:50 PM

My experience with PIO Application - Minor at New York CKGS - Indian Embassy:

1. PIO Card - Minor Application received at CKGS / NY - Jan 9,2015 10:02. Friday. I mailed it on Jan 6,2005 at around 8PM by FedEx from Pittsburgh,PA. It was struck at Philadelphia due to truck ramps getting closed due to icy road conditions. It was supposed to reach CKGS/NY no later than Jan 8 but they received it only on Jan 9.
2. Email from CGKS with subject 'Complete Application Received at CKGS Application Service Centre' on Jan 12,2015 (Jan 12 was the next working day, Monday)
3. Email from CGKS with subject ;Payment Receipt for your Application' on Jan 12, 2015
4. Application status in CKGS website (http://www.in.ckgs.us/VPOOnline/WebPages/TrackYourApplication.aspx):

Application Status Remarks Date of Status
Your application has been submitted at The Indian Embassy/Consulate for further processing. 01/12/2015
Your application is in process. Your tracking id is USAN700***** 01/12/2015
Your application has been received and will be submitted subject to verification. 01/12/2015

5. Sent an enquiry email on Jan 15,2015 and received a response back stating that my application has been submitted to the Indian Embassy for further processing. The general processing time of the PIO application is approximately 4-6 weeks.

6. Checked CKGS website and found that PIO scheme is cancelled as per a Gazette notification and only OCI cards will be issued for applications received after Jan 9, 2015.

7. I called CKGS/NY and they said that my child's passport is at Embassy. They will either return it or they will issue an OCI Card. CKGS does not have any further information.

Note: We have a multi itinerary travel plan on Feb 8 to travel to India. And there are 3 possible outcomes of PIO application:
1. Embassy might issue OCI card instead of POI. This is the best case.
2. Embassy might return back the passport and my application held at CKGS will also be returned back. This is the worst case.
3. If outcome is #2, and if I receive my passport on this week ending Jan23/24, I have a choice of applying for VISA. VISA takes 3 to 5 business days to be issued. Add 2 days for sending the VISA forms and receiving it at CKGS and also 2 days for sending it back. In total about 9 days and add weekend to it; that makes it about 11 days. that's close to 2 weeks. This is a reasonable case.
4. Apply for VISA on arrival. This is also a not-so-good option. Since our itinerary spans more than a month. And I have non-refundable tickets booked. VISA on arrival is valid only for 30 days.

Embassy has put us in tight spot. Are there anyone else out there who have taken risks with making a travel plan closer to a date subject to receival of PIO card and ended up in nervous mode like me?

I will update any information as soon as I have it. We are based out of PA and it's not a feasible option to travel to NY to submit VISA application in person if we get the passports back without an OCI card along with it.

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JGD108     01/19/2015 00:49 AM

The rep I talked to this morning said the application wouldn't be returned, and that I would receive either PIO or OCI card depending on how the Embassy moves forward with the merge..
Good news that I don't have to reapply, bad news for my travel on Jan 30th...

Anybody else can confirm that the applications in process will indeed be getting some kind of card ?

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vshank     01/17/2015 14:09 PM

Well, by now, many people would be aware that the morons at CKGS / Indian Embassy abruptly decided to stop issuing PIOs. The message started appearing on the CKGS website from Jan 15th saying the process had been stopped effective Jan 9th and PIO applications are being returned to applicants asking them to apply for OCI instead, how frustrating.
My case is slightly better - I just paid the PIO fee of $212 online last week. Now, I cannot apply for an OCI since my travel is in 2 months and it looks like the OCI process is going to take longer than that. So, I have to apply for a tourist visa. Anyone else in the same boat? How do we get a refund of the online payment?

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