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mrs.maurent- ()     09/21/2009 16:53 PM

i came here in the united states with K1 fiance visa, found out that the person was cheating and violent so i moved out but didn't leave the country, eventually married a US citizen last may 2009, we wanna start filing all the paperworks but the lawyer advised us i won't be able to adjust my status in united states that i have to go back to my country to do consulate processing, does anybody has the same experience and can advise me what to do, or how long normally an adjustment of status by consulate processing takes, i'm pregnant right now and it's gonna be really hard to be away from my husband. thank you i will appreciate any advices.

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Mrs. Fuseini- ()     08/11/2009 03:06 AM

I would like to add our time frame to this site to help others like us. We filed our petition on July 13, 2008 We were approved August 17. After reaching the Nationl Visa Center it took until April 23rd to complete from there. They were very fast with our case but it took us some time to complete the list for the police records for my husband. My husband had his interview on June 2, 2009. At that time he was not approved they wanted me to return for further questions. I returned to Athen Greece and we had our interview on July 28, 2009. We were approved that day and went back on Friday to pick up our visa. The interview was about ten minutes. We are very happy and he will be coming home on August 13, 2009. This journey is long and can be very stressful, but it is not impossible. To all of you waiting on your loved ones I wish you luck and if there is anything you think i can help you with please don't hesitate to contact me via email. I am preparing the house for my husbands homecoming it feels so good to know he will be with me soon.

Thanks to this page i was able to keep my sanity and feel as though i was not alone in this and there are lots of people out there just like me trying to get their loved ones home.

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jessa- ()     07/23/2009 05:38 AM

gud day to all! i meet my boyfriend december last year. then he entered in marine january 2009. he is still 19 years old and he is planning to get me a fiancee vissa. but the problem is im still 18. he wants me to go to the states as soon as possible because he will be deploy in afghan early next year..so yeah..i dont know if we can make it in processing the vissa..we need help.. we have all the proof and evidence of an ongoing relationship.

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gretchen woogerd- ()     06/25/2009 03:12 AM

hello im gretchen woogerd i have been married for 2 years to american.. our application is still on a process.. since we get married he just stay here in the philippines my question is it going to affect our application that he never go back in the states during the process of my application.. my aunt from new york the one fixing, filling our documents on our behalf.. and also my husband dont have job is it going to affect my application? i would glad to read mail from you.. god bless you...:)

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Dor- ()     04/10/2009 19:51 PM

Hi! I am a US citizen who wishes to submit a K1 petition for my fiance' from Trinidad. We have done the research, filled out the forms, and have everything ready to send off... however... this is where we are scared... my fiance' came over from Trinidad in 2001 as a student. He completed his 4 year degree and secured a job with an employer who was very proactive in petitioning for him to obtain a more permanent status. Unfortunately, he did not have the luck of the draw and his legal status ran out. He is still here in the U.S. however, but we are scared that, if I file this fiance' petition for him, they will deny our request because of his illegal status and send him back. Does this typically happen? I have not seen many cases like this on here. What should we do? Would the immigration people retaliate because he's still here? Should we get married first and file K3? Please help!

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Lou- ()     03/28/2009 00:15 AM

My exhusband and I were together 3 years before we married. We divorced and he stayed in this country. Eventually marrying someone else. He came here on a K1 Fiance Visa to marry me. Now 4 years later we see one another and decide we want to be together again. He is in the country illegally now, wants to divorce other woman, to remarry me. Will he have to leave the country if we don't get remarried? Can the other girl help him get immigration papers?

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Jane- ()     03/02/2009 07:58 AM

I met my fiancé when he visits here in the phils last year march 2008. he staying 4 days then he back on his place after one month he back again here and stayed for 3 weeks, then we decide to get married here but somebody told that spouse visa it takes longer to process so we cancelled the married stuff and when his back, he applied the fiancé visa and he submit the I-129F after a couple of month he got the notice of action, we thought everything will be okay and were expecting that our petition is not having a problem but we noticed that the USCIS send a letter to my fiancé it says that we need to submit the requirements they need but they are not put the exactly documents, so my fiancé submitted those picture, letter, conversation and other stuff, one thing he forgot to send its a affidavit of support, ITR's and other financial stuff but were expecting that the USCIS tells that we need to follow those documents but when we received again the letter, our case or petition is dismiss due of lack documents.. My fiancé and I so fissed off and sad because of that... we need to start again in first things, were waiting for more than six months for nothing, were crying. Now, we need to apply again. We plan to apply the tourist visa, and I have doubt about it because it seems that I’m not approved by the USCIS.. we don’t know what to do, we have a lot of plan just like re-apply the K1, or getting married over here in apply spouse visa or maybe tourist visa... everybody can help us what will do... thank you for reading my post message. I hope everybody can help us to fix our problem. Please mail me here ........... [email protected]

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jose miguel zafra- ()     02/28/2009 11:53 AM

helpful site

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millie lopez- ()     02/13/2009 21:41 PM

In October,2008. My Fiancee visited the embassy and he told the inmigration officer the truth. That he was previosly in the USA illegaly they denied the visa and the paper saying something about seccion 212(a)(9)(B)(II).I really don't understant all that.Can someone tell me about it. It's truth that there is no waiver for this that he will never can entry to the USA. After that I went to his country and got married him and we have our beautiful wedding. But I am afraid that he will never can come back here with me. Please someone tell me about if there something that I can do to fix this situation Thanks Millie

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Mrs. Fuseini- ()     02/13/2009 11:37 AM

Hello to all my friends here on this site. I know we don't talk often but i must admit I do enjoy coming and reading on this site and all the different situations, yet still the same. My experience here has been good and very helpful. I stumbled upon this site in the beginning of me and my husbands courting internationlly. The process is simple only if you have all the paperwork and all the applications filled out and paid for. It can be stressful depending on your sitiuation,as you know we all are the same but our situations may be very different.

I met my husband on the interent the summer of 2007 and we are still going through the process of him immigrating to the states. He lives in Greece but is a native from Ghana. I traveled to Greece twice and on we married on my second trip there April of 08. We are coming up on our first anniversary and I am planning a trip back to see him for the last time there.

Our delay was the paperwork and police records. It took us a month to get police record from Ghana. ONce we submitted out paperwork we found out the police record from Greece was not the correct one. So we had to resubmit another police record from the proper authorities. That took 2 months and now he is finally mailing off the documents that was requested missing when we file the ds-230 today.

That is what i mean about the paperwork holding you up. It took 3 precious months from us not having our paperwork in order. I can't see us not spending our anniversary together so i will do what any wife will do in this situation and fly 14 hours back to Greece.

I am preying during that time we will get an interview appointment. That is our last step in the process and I am hoping he be home by this summer. I am very excited, yet somewhat disapointed in the time that we have been apart and mainly due to paperwork.

We started our journey In July 2008, and we are still waiting to be together in the states. I don't blame the system i completely understand that these are the requirements to assure a safe country for us all. I am just disapointed that i did not research better when starting this journey. Everything we have done wrong there are answers here and all over the internet that would have made it much easier for us. I have read this site and National Visa Center and many more sites and now know the way to go and what to do more than ever.

If there is anyone out there reading my story, please do no hesitate to send me a note and I will help you with the process to my best ability and together we will get through this and soon have our loved ones home with us.

Good luck and never give up although i know there are times you may feel like it. I just say this to you. I know why i traveled so far to find the love of my life and for that nothing can stop me until he is home with me. To me there is noone that can ever replace him and for that I know that the journey we are on will end in bliss.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovers who are apart physically, but remember its just temporary and anything worth having is worth waiting for.

Til Later.

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