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Deepti Sathe- ()     03/13/2003 13:31 PM

Most houses in US have garage door openers that can be remotely opened. You get a remote control that you can put in your car, and you can press the button to open the garage door.

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Vivek Grover- ()     03/07/2003 01:38 AM

As Columbus started going in west direction for search of India and when hit the North America, he thought that was India. Therefore, he called the natives of North America as 'Indians'. But true Indians are in Asia in the country 'India'.

Sometimes, we desis are referred as 'Asian Indian' or 'Eastern Indian'. Natives of America are referred as 'American Indian'. You should never call them 'Red Indian' as it would be offending.

Similarly, you should never call a black person 'black', or 'nigro' or 'nigger'. Proper way to refer to them is to use the word 'African American' as they are originally from Africa and they were either brought to America or came to America on their own.

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Chaman Saluja- ()     03/04/2003 09:30 AM

When you go to fast food restaurant such as McDonalds or Subway, you would be asked 'For here or to go'. That means, whether you would like to sit in the restaurant and eat food or would like it to get packed and take it with you.

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Venkat Srinivasan- ()     02/28/2003 23:15 PM

It is mandatory that kids(infants, toddlers etc.) under 40 pounds be sitted in car in additional car seat at the back seat of the car. It is illegal to hold small child in hands or in lap while sitting in the car.

Also, kids under 12 but over 40 pounds weight need not use additional car seat, but should sit in the back seat in the car with seat belt fastened.

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Srinivas Konderu- ()     02/20/2003 07:15 AM

You should not walk or sit with arms around shoulders of any person of the same gender, no matter how close friend he/she is, else people might mistakely think about you that you are 'Gay' or Lesbian'.

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Rahul Srivastav- ()     02/18/2003 00:13 AM

You would not generally find public restrooms in most places. And of course, you can not pee on the road or on the wall!

However, you can use the restroom of any store, gas station or mall. Shop owners would generally not refuse to let you use their restroom.

At many places like gas station, restroom is locked. You have to ask the attendant for the key. Small key is usually attached to huge key chain or wooden rod. You have to use that key to unlock the restroom and when you are done, you have to return that key to the attendant.

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Sumit Sethi- ()     02/10/2003 09:42 AM

In front of Americans, you should never talk in your native language as they don't like it because they don't understand it and therefore they think you might be hiding something from them.

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User- ()     02/02/2003 10:52 AM

Normally there are very few pedestrians on most roads in USA. Therefore, the traffic signal system may not automatically provide 'Walk Signal' to pedestrian as it may not be most efficient thing to do due to lack of pedestrians most times.

If you would like to cross the road, look for the 'button' to push and after some time, walk signal will be indicated with white color hand. You can safely cross the road at that time as oncoming traffic would have been stopped before that.

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User- ()     01/23/2003 01:23 AM

At most aiports in USA, unlike in India, luggage trolleys are not free. You have to pay $2 to $3 for getting a trolley. Trolley is locked and you have to insert either quarters and/or $1 bills before one trolley is released.

Also, you can not take the luggage trolley beyond security check.

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