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Manhattannyc     06/16/2019 15:26 PM

Hi all,

I filed for my I-751 with supporting documents on April 10 and after two weeks, I received a receipt with 18 months extension. It’s been two month since, but haven’t received a letter for biometrics yet. I’m not able to login with the receipt number on the USCIS homepage either. I live in NYC. Can anyone share their experience with timeline or have comments? I’d appreciate it.

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cool_guide     06/04/2019 14:54 PM

HI all my green card expiring Aug 30 2019 I sent the package and its delivered 06.03 . My questions is :
1-is this within the 90 days or more than 90 days because july 31 day ?

2-when should I expect to get my first receipt for CA experience with Arizona office ?

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godisgood16     06/03/2019 00:21 AM


I will be traveling by next month, July. I submitted my I-751 already.

My GC will expired on Aug 10 and I will be back here in the US by Aug 06.

Is that okay? Do I need to stamps my passport.

Is there anyone that had been in my situation? Please advise.

Thank you very much.

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alpha116     05/31/2019 11:26 AM

Hello everyone,

I filed my I-751 within the 90 days period as early as I can. I sent it through USPS priority mail and the tracking number shown it was delivered on May 11th 2019, to the Dallas Texas office. It shows the zipcode it was delivered to is 75160, while the address is 75266. I doubled check with the Post office and they guarantee with me it is the same lock box.

It's the end of the month now and I still do not hear anything from USCIS. No text/email notification ( I also included the G 1145 form), no notice of receipt and my check has not been cashed. I checked my bank almost everyday, nothing. I called USCIS and they said there was nothing in the system yet.

I wonder if anybody has the same experience? I am worried because my greencard will expire at the very beginning of August.

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tdjam     05/31/2019 09:05 AM

Just wanted to share my experience so far. My green card expired on May 16,2019. I sent in the documents May 10,2019. So this is my timeline so far.

May 10.- mailed file and check money order of $680
May 16- Received text message with case number
May 28- received Noa with 18 months extension.

Not sure if I am to get a stamp in my passport now or I should just wait for biometric appointment

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Crenshaw45     05/30/2019 16:59 PM

Hey guys, it's been a long run for me and I just need some opinions from you fellow members.

My temporary/conditional greencard expires January 2020 so I need to start filing for removal. Me and wife had some ups and downs. We both have a bachelors and currently working. However, my wife is a very jealous person and about 10 months ago, she called the cops on me for allegedly hitting her. I was sleeping, she went through my phone, woke me up, starting crying (so her make up was all over the place), I told her I'm leaving and she said if I leave she's calling the cops. She calls her mom, asks "should I call the cops", then she calls the cops, the cops arrest me for hitting her because her makeup was smeared. My wife even said she doesn't want to press charges but there is a law that if someone calls for help, someone has to be arrested even without pressing charges. The case was dismissed for "lack of evidence". I never had a court date, never went to court, it was never filed. The intake attorney requested it for dismissal.. However, the arrest record is still on my record and I cannot expunge until two years after the arrest date. Obviously, I am not going to lie to immigration and will file all the paperwork I have from court. However; how do you think this affects me? I asked my lawyer and he said "it's hard to say". Me and wife are good now, we literally moved back in two days after the incident. I even traveled outside the country (after case was dismissed) and had no issues. My heart just hurts a lot because I have never been arrested before and it was the most hurtful thing I have been through.

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Sumy     05/27/2019 17:58 PM

Hello everyone.
Are there any NJ filers on this forum that are currently applying or have applied recently with the form i751? What is your timeline? How is your progress? Is there any progress?

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onair     05/14/2019 16:52 PM

I got my green card (EB3) through my current employer almost 1 year ago then applied for my spouse's immigration visa with follow to join since we got married before my I-485 was approved. My spouse recently had her interview at a US embassy for consular processing but is given 221 g with request for additional document. Now I have a job offer that I really would like to take up (better pay, benefits etc) can I do this before she enters the US with her immigrant visa or will i be jeopardizing her immigration process?

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Kasheka     05/01/2019 21:44 PM

Back at it again , I’m back lol. So my green card expired August 26, 2019 and I’m ready to fill out forms gather evidence and file.
Anybody want to list there time line below feel free. Also every advice is a necessity right now. Thanks in advance.

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Sun1980     04/27/2019 00:38 AM

Can I file for my children and new spouse with 10yrs GC after divorce 2 yrs ago?

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