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Ravi- ()     12/18/2011 00:27 AM

I used Indus Ind to send money to india - we had a immediate need to send money.
They gave us RS 1.70 less than what ICICI gave on that day. I complained and nothing happened. I was badly effected never use them, with other banks at least you know how much you are going to get but (a rough idea) but with IndusInd you will know only when it goes there they give stupid response.

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redwood- ()     12/08/2011 05:16 AM

HDFC quickremit has the most disgusting system, pathetic design and worst customer support including their managers . i made a transfer of 5000USD and the transfer got rejected by receiver's bank. assuming they will credit it back to my US account, i booked another transaction and it was thru.
1. automated email that i got when the transfer got rejected was incomplete AND incorrect
2. their customer service team is not trained on how the system works incase i needed the debit to be reversed.
3. website didnt have that info too. website looks like a 3rd semester project.
4. after constantly calling and mailing the customer service, after a month, i got to know that the debit can be reversed. that too after talking to the manager
5. by then the exchange rate had changed.my loss was $400.when i asked them why i should take the loss if the customer support is not trained well, Their manager Leena Kudav told me that it is a system limitation. they cannot use the old exchange rate and hence i was asked to take the loss.
6. I spoke to Siddesh(who i guess is Leena's manager). when i asked about their pathetically bad training to the customer support folks, he said reversal of debit needs additional approval and hence they insist on retrying the failed transfer. this was insisted on me by telling me repeatedly for a month (until i talked to the manager)that they cannot put the money back into my US account. may be this is the reason for the pathetic training quality. whoever came up with this idea should get a life.

My loss was huge as they didnt have info on the website. also, customer service associates didnt know how to reverse the debit. had they known , my loss would be <$100. but i had to take additional $300+ loss for the poor training they gave to their associates and a crapy backend. they are unfair.they are unfit to do this kind of sensitive business which involves money. i would never recommend them to anyone.

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chandrashekar- ()     11/09/2011 09:00 AM

hi i have used icici money 2 india 5 or 6 times in that 3 or 4 times it has taken more than 10 days to reach beneficiary account,they take 4 to 5 days to check a mail and to reply for that they require some more days,one worst thing is we would have transfered the amount when it is more ,but these people will give us what ever is the current mrket rate after 10 days or whtvevr,if these is the thing why should we use icici,we can use other people like UAE,even if thhey charge more conversion charges,they do not have delays ,they give good money compared to icici,so please dont go with icici money tranfers,the moment they start giving u problems shift to other people

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Sona mona- ()     09/23/2011 11:04 AM

Hello friends, Please DO NOT use QuickRemit. When I transfereed GBP 50 from UK to HDFC my Indian NRE bank account the money got transferred in 3 days. But when I transferred GBP 3000, the money got transferred after 20 days, that also after repeatedly sending hundreds of email to the customer center. Their customer center is one of the worst I have seen in my entire life. Once the tranfer gets delayed, they simply do not reply to any of the emails (apart from the auto generated message). The rate was much lower than the one which I booked. I heard that these guys are actually converting the money on the day when rate is high and keep waiting for the day the rate goes very low. The differnce of rate is their profit. So in my case they would have earned INR 5000 because my rate on the booking day was INR 75.00 and rate on the delivery date was INR 73.50. As a responsible citizen of the country I would like to suggest that simply do not use these corrupted services for your hard earned money, and tell the same to all your family members and friends. Jai Hind!!

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Harsha- ()     08/18/2011 22:31 PM

I am not surprised at all to read some of the negative comments about remit2india on here. I am frankly appalled that a company can be so unbelievably bad at what they do and still be in business. They just don't give a shit and I can't believe they are getting away with it. The shitiest customer service ever and they absolutely don't give a crap what you think or do. In fact, I am not even sure why I am ranting here because they sure don't care whether theylose anyone's business or not.

And they're winning awards for being a preferred money transferring service? In what universe? If this company is still in business after five years, I would've lost all my faith in humanity.

Seriously, people! If you still want to do business with them, it's your ass. Just remember that every time you transact with them a small baby somewhere dies.

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Navin S- ()     02/16/2011 00:10 AM

HDFC Remit2India sucks, their customer sucks, they promised me that the money will get credited on the beneficiary's account on 5th working day and they took 15 working days and it happened 2 times.

I would suggest not to use their service at all otherwise you will get stuck.

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Reena- ()     11/17/2010 15:08 PM


I was searching online for the best possible ways to transfer money to Mumbai.

I came across

http://www.timesofindiaa.com/how-to-sending-money-to-india.htm and they are quick...


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Abdul- ()     10/26/2010 16:57 PM

So far, I found XOOM is really good and fast.


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suman- ()     09/27/2010 19:32 PM

Hi Guys I heard of site called USD2india. can anyone tell me how good it is. pls give me all pros & cons

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Aman Gupta- ()     08/19/2010 18:55 PM

I tried Remit2India and other services, and finally settled down on Indus Fast Remit. They provide decent service. https://www.indusfastremit.com/

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