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Tanveer Ahmad Rubani- ()     07/17/2006 02:44 AM

i did not get my shopping order for watch from rediffshoping 26th June 2006
where as on rediffshopping website it is showing that order is despatched on 29th June 2006

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Sam...***- ()     07/15/2006 01:25 AM

I had a chance to go thru rediff shoopping posts. It's quiet true in my experience. Never buy anything from this rediff and simeltaneously we should not leave leave this bastards. We should consider the legal aspect to proceed. It doesn't matter the amount, we should not entertain this kind of businesses.

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Sherrie Rossario- ()     07/12/2006 20:34 PM

Working experience with realtor, John V. Pinto in San Jose -

I sold my house through an agent in San Jose called John V.Pinto. Not only did he sell my house for $35k below market price - he also had a horrible team working with him. He never communicated any progress about the sale to us and was very focussed on his commission only. His team was always rude and the do only emails - the problem is the never read ur emails and make things happen their way. If you want to go out of the deal he will still ask you for his 6% full commission. Watch out as he will try to influence you through his seminairs and other advertising techniques. I feel miserable to have worked with him.

Good Luck!


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Shivani- ()     07/03/2006 03:11 AM

Can anyone please provide any information to file a complaint against rediff shopping ,before posting this message i have seen many opinions posted here with bad experience with rediff shopping .Even i am one of the victims but i need some details where in i can take legal action against this rediff online shopping.

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Ravi- ()     05/14/2006 22:13 PM

Frends, Dont ever shop anything from Rediff shopping. They are big cheaters. One side amazing how online shopping is growing, other side it sucks big cheaters like rediff people have not been dragged to any legal action. Please pass this to all your frends.
Your status wil be either declined or Awaiting for bank approval. Sometimes it gets credited also.
No Customer care number for rediff.
Full Cheating, Big suckers, cheaters.

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Arif Deshmukh- ()     05/14/2006 13:08 PM

      I want to purchase Nokia 6021 box pack and with bill. Please send me email if you have for sale.


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Arun- ()     05/12/2006 03:53 AM

I bought one 8-in-1 mp3 player in march and till now i have not received any thing from them. There track service to 7333 shows payment received desptch due. Dont know whome to call or waht to do.


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shireen- ()     05/08/2006 08:40 AM

the prb is tht i cant log in my account as it tells me tht user name or password invalid
it can be acceptable if it was only in my case but the same thing is happenin with my husbands account also.
y is this only with us?
i hav been sendin mails to this customer care
but those bastards dont even have the courtesy to reply
wht are they just fuckin their chairs sittin out there
really rediff customer care is shit
n im sure even after this my problem will not b solved

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S.K. Tiwari- ()     05/07/2006 16:02 PM

What kind of cheaters are rediff auction and shopping and still people like us get into their trap. I would have never tried to buy any thing from rediff if i could have read these kind of experiences from people who got into the trap of these cheaters.

      I had such a bad experience with the rediff.com that i think that i have lost my 40,000Rs. Actually i won the auction for 2 Air Conditioners on the 5th of April 2006. during the auction it was stating that the items will be delivered within 10 days. my credit card payment was taken on the 7th of April and after that I got the mail that the A.C. will be delivered latest by 25th of April. on 25th also when i didnt received the A.C. i called the rediff.com they said that the AC are out of stock and will be delivered soon.... till date (8th May'06) I have not got the AC's and i must have called the customer service line atleast 30times but i m not getting any response. even when i send them mail it reverted back 2 me. I m planning 2 give them a legal notice no matter how much time it takes or how much money i have 2 spend but for sure i will teach these cheaters a lesson. still for the time being i requist every body NOT TO PURCHASE ANY THING FROM REDIFF....

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Bhaskar Chatterjee- ()     05/04/2006 02:11 AM

I ordered gifts for my son in india. These thugs don't give a shit about anybody's sentiments.

The order was placed on April till date May 05, its not delivered, 4 emails have been sent, no replies yet. I got the rediff no 02224449144 and make calls there. They are just not sending the item...
Never buy from rediff shopping.

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