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Lady From Vietnam- ()     05/17/2009 00:07 AM

With help and instruction on Immihelp ; my wife's application for 2nd 10 year green card was approved in just 12 days from time submitted.

We are going to go for Biometrics this week and
can now relax.

Best Regards

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clgdevelyn- ()     05/10/2009 13:40 PM

This site is extremely HELPFUL to me from the very start of my application of my K1 Visa. Now im already in the States for three months now and i still use this site for more information about paper works.Your site is dependable and comprehensive! BRAVO IMMIHELP.COM

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Surabhi- ()     05/06/2009 15:34 PM

Website is of great help for immigration related information, well designed.

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C J- ()     05/06/2009 02:55 AM

If you seek clarification from this service by writing to them, you get a prompt response. This is impressive. Additionally, the responses are focused and informative. It looks like they know what they are talking about. This is not a website that somebody put some information on, and then forgot about it.

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Babaswamy chitturi- ()     04/29/2009 11:01 AM

this site is really helpful for new commers also.

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Gauss- ()     04/22/2009 05:15 AM

Excellent site with relevant and very useful information

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Jayashree- ()     04/08/2009 09:45 AM

I have referred to this site for my husband's L1, my H1, visitor visa, forums etc. Gr8 site with all information required. Would recommend this site to anybody coming to US for any visa.

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Terry Bannigan- ()     04/02/2009 20:23 PM

Dear Sirs,
Your site appears to be very informative however there appears to be an anomaly in stating who is liable for tax on worldwide income.
The two paragraphs headed NON-RESIDENT and TAX TREATY imply that tax on worldwide income is only payable by permanent residents of USA (US citizens and green card holders) whereas the
IRS site says that anyone meeting the substantial presence (eg.183
day test) is liable for tax on world wide income. I would welcome your comments.
Terry Bannigan

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Nandan- ()     03/31/2009 18:54 PM

Hi Friends,

Please note that according to new rules VFS office in Mumbai won't be assisting personal interview scheduling at their office, it has to be done strictly Online only.
Also the documents required for interview has to be handed over by hand at the VFS Office in mumbai 3 days prior to interview , No Couriers .

Happy visaing :-)

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Rahul- ()     03/22/2009 09:35 AM

Great web site for all the visa information. Thank you.

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