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Saravana Bavan- ()     11/10/2009 21:47 PM

Dear Website Founders/Owners -

My heartfelt congratulations and accolades to you for maintaining a great website which is extremely useful. I have used your site for the past 8 years and have got my green card within 3 years processed through my company with all the document recommendations which you have highlighted. Apart from that I have also tremendously benefitted in bringing my mother/in-laws to USA by sponsoring Visitor visas.

The documents which you have highlighted in all categories of visa are complete documents and if one sends these supporting documents, the chance of getting visa is very high and the rejection rate will be lower.

I have recommended to all my friends and most of them have utilized your website. One small request is that I want to donate a small amount to you as a gift as you guys are doing a free public service. I have never seen a free immigration website with in-depth details and explainations. In fact, the lawyer which I appointed didn't provide me the valuable service for $5000 but you guys have provided me a great service at $0.00.

Long Live immihelp.com and its founders/owners!!


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Handa- ()     11/07/2009 01:06 AM

Best help for those visiting the US on any immigration type of visit.

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Kumar Lakshmigari- ()     11/04/2009 14:19 PM

Excellent site and it is very informative includes minute to major details...

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Singh Megh- ()     09/25/2009 18:29 PM

When I saw intially in 90's this website was a child, Seeing after a decade it is amazaing the growth and now its internationally known. We happy to see the growth and also very helpful for my fellow brother and sisters new to US.

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N.Nirmala- ()     09/19/2009 04:27 AM

Dear all users,

This site is very useful for everyone intend to go US. The guidelines and model questions are very very useful.


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MUKESH- ()     07/31/2009 05:35 AM


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AGBOMA DOUGLAS- ()     07/28/2009 21:46 PM

This is to notify you that one miss marsha latrice as she claimed who resides in buffalo in newyork with cell fone number +17165788685 have been using this site to fraudulently collect money from me. we met on a dating site called christiandatingforfree.com. she said she want us to get married in the US but she need to prosecc papers for me, which i accepted, she asked of my details which i gave her but later deceitfully and intelligently started asking of money amounting to 5000 US dollars. pls direct me to the appropriate department to report this woman. thanks.



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Vel- ()     07/06/2009 00:03 AM

Best site with up to date information and guidance. Thank you!

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Mand- ()     06/01/2009 14:26 PM

This website was truly a lifesaver, very trustworthy information that was verified by several attorneys I met with. This website helped me beyond what I can put in words.

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Lady From Vietnam- ()     05/17/2009 00:07 AM

With help and instruction on Immihelp ; my wife's application for 2nd 10 year green card was approved in just 12 days from time submitted.

We are going to go for Biometrics this week and
can now relax.

Best Regards

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