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chetan9961     10/04/2019 10:11 AM

First of all I would like to thank every member on this website. It was really helpful to go through experiences you guys had shared. So I am here to provide some input which could be helpful for other applicants.

1. DS-160 form is the key, Go through each and every section number of times and memorize key things.
Like - Duration of stay with anticipated dates, Places to visit, Do you know anyone in US etc.
Because your selection is based on it. Take a print of completely filled DS-160 form because you wont be able to see the details once the form is submitted.

2. In case of any doubt, you can fill the ds-160 form again even if you have made the payment. You just need to link new application id on the payment website under 'update profile;.

3. I still think your experience with current company is important. It should be around 2 years or more to convince the consular that you are really important guy to the company who can attend meetings and take decisions.

4. Salary per month - should be around 1 lac or so.

5. Eye contact (even though they are not making) - is important. Just look straight with full confidence.

6. Do not brag or provide additional information. Just answer what is asked. Like - why you are going?
Answer : To attend business meetings. That's it.

7. Purpose of visit. Short and informative. Do not speak a paragraph with many technical words. It should be in a way that they are able to understand the reason.

8. Duration of Stay : If possible make it around 1 week. It would allow them to dig into more if you wish to attend meetings for more than 2 weeks. Like why you need so much time there ?

9. Your position in current company : Preferably Manager, AM, Director, etc. Higher position and good salary makes it bit easy to convince them.

I cracked my interview during my second attempt. I made some blunders during my first attempt. I didn't apply immediately. I waited for 2 years. I got a raise and promotion.

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syed_khan     10/04/2019 03:26 AM

I had my B1 Visa interview in Chennai Consulate on 30 September (Monday). Had a rejection in 2013 in the same Visa category, so was a bit nervous this time.

(Good Morning Mam)
VO - Good Morning, May I have your passport?

VO - So where are you travelling in US?
(Mam, its Wisconsin)

VO - What's the duration of your stay?
(2 Weeks Mam)
VO - What is the purpose of your visit?
(My company is migrating the corporate website for the client into a new platform, so I am going to meet the Line of Business executives to understand their expectations and requirements.

VO - How long you are associated with current company? What is it.. (my company name)..!! ?
(I am currently working as Technical Lead for almost 1.6 years)

VO - Why did the company chose only you for the travel?
(I am having the technical expertise and good amount of experience in platform upon which the project is to be developed)

VO - Did you visited any other country apart from India?
(Yes, Cape Town, South Africa)

VO - Was it through (my current company)?
(No Mam, previous company)

VO - How long did you stay in South Africa?
(For 1.5 years)

VO - What is your annual salary?
(told my salary. Told in Million Rupees, she asked in Lakhs..LOL)

VO - Where did you worked prior to your current company?
(XX in Bangalore)

VO - Can you please spell it?

No Invite letter asked, no documents asked.

Your Visa is approved. You may receive a message to collect it.(Have a good day Mam)

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shobhit.gupta     09/30/2019 13:37 PM

I had my VISA interview on 6th Sept 2019 in Delhi.

I was asked about why i need to go to US ?
TO attend Business Meetings & Project related Discussions
What was my engagement with US People ? What was your role ?
I explained i am the Analytics guy in the Project where i shall discuss about the Analytics deliverables with the Business Stakeholders in supporting the Business of my Company
What is your designation ?
Analyst in Pharma XXX company

Sorry We cannot send you now ?
A letter with Section 214 B written

My profile : 28 years, unmarried , earns 11 lpa

Now second interview scheduled 1 month afterwords in Hyderabad, now how should i go about it ? pls advise

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pankaj745     09/29/2019 00:03 AM

I was rejected.

First day only biometric take ds160 confirmation, appointment confirmation and passport and you can take your mobile phone but keep it switched off.

Second day take ds160 confirmation, appointment confirmation and passport with you along with all supporting original and copy of documents with you and you can take mobile with you there is place to keep it. Here it goes:

VO: good morning

me: good morning ma'am

VO: purpose of your visit to us?

me: there is a new requirement coming up from business so going there to discuss it with my client and my onsite lead. i will be discussing and coming back to do the implementation with offshore team.

VO: what are your new requirements?

me: new requirements are about the new feature which we are going to add like on board service manual for first class and main cabin, countdown clock.

VO: have you travelled for your company before?

me: no ma'am

Vo: why company have chosen you?

me: i am working on this project for past 1 year and have a good knowledge of it.

vo: have you meet your client?

me: yes once when they visited india

vo: experience?

me: 1.2 years

vo: salary?

me: 3.35lpa

vo: your visa cannot be approved sir. thank you

me: thank you

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Senthil_7     09/27/2019 02:55 AM

My B1 was approved today.
I had a L1A rejection 3 years back. I work for the same company for the last 7 yrs.

I didnt want to post the Q&A with my visa officer like others. However here are the things I learnt from my previous rejection

- Keep it Simple: Do not add any other things when you meet the officer that you are not aware of. You have to first believe yourself and things you do in your company. Keep it simple and straight
- Keep calm. Visa interviews are always nerve recking. I warmed up my conversations with Auto driver while going to US consulate. That helped me to calm down my nerves.
- Do not over prepare. If you give the correct information, you know what to say to officer.
- Be confident at the same time polite
- Smile
- Be loud when you talk to the officer
- Do not worry about previous rejections, each case will be a new case
- Do not worry if someone gets rejected in front. Their case is entirely different than yours.
- Be clear on your roles and what you are going to do in US.

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Harshit2019     09/25/2019 18:40 PM

I have my B1 visa interview schedule in next month .
I decided to get help from you guys .
Below are the question for which k am not sure. If I am giving the right answer.

VO- what is the purpose to visit USA
My reply/ Purpose of travel is to attend business meetings and discussions on abc project with our business partners which will help to streamline there financial process . This is the reason I am going to meet with client and business leader to get an understanding of project, do requirements gathering and discussion about project scope. And then come back and discuss with my team to how to proceeds further.

VO- Why company chosen you not another?

My reply- I have been working in this company for 2 year and the project is related to my domain so I know the interlocks of module quite well. I have recently got an award for work I am doing. Currently I lead a team of two people. Business think it is better if I attend this meeting and share my inputs so it will help to complete this project as soon.

VO- why not managers go in your place? Why you

My reply- as I said earlier because of my long time associate with the company , I know the model quite well. My manager is new to the company and he is going through transition phase. My directors, by looking my performance so far think I can accomplish this job of understanding to priorities of business well and then I can get my team implement them upon my returning .

ViO- why it can not done online or why it can not possible from here.

My reply- the team in america participated in online programme, they physically came to my company and the last stage of implementation include travel from my side to go learn it before it goes live.

Please assist me and if you think I should make any changes so please let me know

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mazeed     09/25/2019 11:41 AM

My B1 Visa has been rejected in February 2019. Now again I am going to apply .

What is the Best answer for below while filling DS160

Have you ever been refused a U.S. Visa, or been refused admission to the United States, or withdrawn your application for admission at the port of entry

Could you please help me ASAP.

VO : What are the different type of trainings you are going to have during your trip

Ans : Consular officer didn't satisfy the answer provided by me.

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sharad2823     09/24/2019 07:39 AM

B1 visa applied in Delhi

17-Sep-2019 Biometric at VAC:
Allocated time was 9:45 AM. I reached one hour early and was allowed in. They took fingerprints and photo. It was done in 15 mins.

18-Sep-2019 Interview at Embassy:
Allocated time was 9:45 AM. I reached at 9:10 and was allowed to enter at 9:30. There was considerable wait time. VO discussion is mentioned below.

Me: Hi, good morning.
VO: Good morning.

VO: Passport please.
Me: Sure. Here it is.

VO: What’s your purpose of visit?
Me: Me company, <company name>, got a new project to migrate an existing application from legacy mainframe system to linux based system. I am going to meet with client & business leader to get an understanding of project, do requirement gathering and discuss about project scope. And then come back and discuss with my team how to proceed further.

VO: Why you are going?
Me: I have right set of skillset. I have exposure to both technical and business side. I have more than 10 years of experience in mainframe which makes me a suitable candidate. (VO cut me short.)

VO: What is your role?
Me: I am a product development lead. I am leading a team of 12 people – 8 offshore + 4 onsite

VO: So your are a software expert means your expertise is in software development.
Me: No, I am leading a team of software developers.

VO: Then what’s your job?
Me: I am working as a lead. My responsibilities include project management, requirement gathering etc. VO interrupted me and said ok.

VO: So you live in Bangalore? (my passport was issued from there)
Me: no sir. I live in Noida. I was in Bangalore a couple of years ago. VO said, oh ok.

VO: What’s your monthly salary?
Me: my monthly salary is x lakh. It is y lakhs per annum.

VO: Who you will be meeting with?
Me: My client is <client name>. it is one of world’s largest insurance company with more than 90 million clients worldwide. I will be meeting with client and other stakeholders to discuss about the project.

VO: Where are you going?
Me: I am going to <city>, <State>. I will be entering through Boston.

VO: Do you know anyone in United States?
Me: No sir.

VO: Sure?
Me: Yes sir.

VO: How long you will be staying there?
Me: I will be there for 2 weeks. I intend to reach there on 7-Oct-2019 and I am supposed to join India office back on 21.

VO: You can stay longer for tourism.
Me: Sir, I am going for work – work means meeting with client. I do not intend to travel.

VO: I am just saying if you want you can.
Me: My employer is paying me for trip. Besides I do not know anyone here. I will just go for business purpose and then come back.

VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes. I am married for 4 years. I have a two years old daughter as well.

VO: Who is travelling along with you?
Me: No one. I am going alone.

VO: Have you ever travelled outside India before?
Me: Yes. I went to United States only. Then I went with an L1B visa. It has been more than 10 years. I landed there on 23-Nov-2008.

VO: Show me your old passport.
Me: Yeah. Sure sur. (Handed over old passport to him.)

VO: Ok. We are approving your visa. You will get notification when to collect. Took my current passport and returned old one.
Me: Thanks sir. Thank you very much. Bye.

No document was asked. None.

Present yourself smarty. Don’t overdo it. No point of warning coat in Delhi’s weather. Formal dress is enough.
Don’t focus on other applicants rejections or approvals. Each case is different.
Confidence and truth is key. There should not be confusion with your answers.

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dexter101     09/24/2019 05:29 AM


I was working in US from 2007 to 2012 on H1-B visa. During that period, my employer at that time filed immigrant petition and got approved I-140 with priority date of June 2011. In 2012, I moved back to India and started working for a new employer. My I-140 was not withdrawn by old employer. 

In my current job, I was required to travel to US for a small duration for business purposes, for which i recently applied for B1-visa and it was denied with 214(g).  During my interview the consular only asked about the purpose of my travel and my role in current organization which I responded accurately and confidently.  However consular spent quite sometime looking at his computer screen and then handed me 214(g). In my form DS-160, i did mention that my ex-employer has filed an immigrant petition and it was not withdrawn.  Could that be the reason, for my B1 visa denial? Can I not travel to US on non-immigrant visa until my immigrant petition is approved?

What are the other options I have to  travel to US for short term?

Thank you for your help in advance.

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mauriz     09/21/2019 10:39 AM

I had a visa interview rejection last year around Nov and i,m planning for another interview next month. Can someone help me understand why my Visa was rejected?
I. Own à logistics based company with an annual turnover of 100,000$ and I wanted to go and visit my sister shortly before the Christmas.

This's how the interview went;

VO; why do you want to go to US
Me: to visit my sister
VO; how long will you stay
Me; 3 weeks
VO; who's paying for this trip
Me: myself
VO: Are you married
Me: Yes
VO: Does your wife travel with you
Me: No she's looking after the kids and her business

VO typing and later "sorry we're unable to ......."

What do you think may have trigger the decision?
and now that I Have been invited to conference, do I stand a chance to get approved or the previous rejection will haunt my chances of approval??

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