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abhi9449     07/23/2019 03:45 AM


I and my wife have travel plans to India this October and i'm on H1b visa employed full-time by my employer. My wife is on H4-EAD working contract IT job. Since my visa is expired, I'm required to attend visa interview at US consulate to get my new H1b visa to re-enter into united states and i believe my wife has to attend the visa interview too.

Back in October 2017 i had an intense argument with my wife and she had to call cops and then i got arrested. But then she stood by my side, bailed me out of arrest, and we fought the case together. She also submitted a notarized letter at time to judge, saying it all happened by accident and she never intended for me to get arrested. But due to strict California laws I got arrested in October 2017 and I plead guilty for 'Misdemeanor PC 415(1)' in March 2019. I also attended anger management counselling as the judge has order.

Now, will I face any problems during my visa Interview for H1b at US consulate or, by Immigration during re-entry to US at port of entry given my arrest and guilty charges? Is it even safe to plan for travel out of country? Please let me know.

Thanks in Advance.

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source1     01/02/2019 00:02 AM

Can someone help if they are/were in same situation.

I am planning to visit India by Feb end. I am on H1 since Oct 2016. My F1 got expired in July 2018.
I am working for same client since past 18 months. I am worried about stamping as there are two vendor between my employer (sponsor) and end client. I have letters from both vendor and planning to get end client letter.

By reading some experiences, I am really worried about this 2 vendor situation. Does VO asked about this employer chain ? has anyone gone through similar situation ? I really have to visit Inida, because of some personal situations.

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vishupla     10/24/2018 19:47 PM

Hi Everyone,

I am planning to travel to India after applying for stem extension and I will be back before my current EAD expires. However, I am concerned that a change in my i-94 number might result in an RFE. Has anyone faced a similar situation before? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.
Thank you!

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maheedharachalla     10/22/2018 20:44 PM

My initial 12 month OPT ends by 15th March 2019 . I will file for STEM extension on December 15th 2018. I need to travel to India in February. I will be back by 2nd week of February. My F1 visa expires in 2021 and Passport expires in 2023. Can I re-enter to USA without any immigration problem if I show last three paystubs, valid EAD,proof of employment, I797 receipt for stem extension, recently signed I20 from university ? I think I will not get new EAD before March 15th as USCIS easily takes 90 days to deliver new EAD. Can I just travel with I797 receipt and valid EAD?

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smith1986     01/05/2018 17:05 PM

Hi Friends,

I am traveling to India next month.

Please share your experience.

1. How much $ money can i take to India?
2. Can i carry liquor in my checked luggage? Someone told me that yes we can, 2L per person. Please tell if that stands correct?
3.Any link to FAQ's before traveling to India website.

Thank You

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coolguy2314     01/20/2017 14:23 PM

Hello experts. I am a US citizen and I am traveling to India on a one way ticket. I have an entry visa, type X, valid for 5 years. Please let me know if anybody has been through this and if any questions were asked while boarding or entry into India about the missing return ticket.

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yedu     09/29/2016 11:02 AM

Hi ,

I am planning to go to India, in Jan'2017 for a vacation of 3 to 4 weeks.

My visa stamping is valid until 08/05/2017 which was sponsored by my previous employer-XXXXXX.

As part of my H1 transfer to the employer - YYYYYY, I got the petition valid until 04/20/2017 where the visa validity has been shortened to 4 months.

So, my current petition is valid until 04/20/2017 only.

I just want to know, if there is any risk at the port of entry while coming back to USA.

Can you please your thoughts/experiences realted to this?

Thanks and Regards,

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ehlert     09/29/2016 04:54 AM

Hi All,
I am a German national and my wife is Indian. Is there any possibility that i can get a Indian tourist dependent visa for multiple entry. Since normally i get tourist visa for 6 months for single entry but some one told me that i can get for one year and multiple entries based on my wife's passport. Has any one any information about this.
Thanx in advance.


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Afawmey     08/09/2016 17:54 PM

I applied for Indian tourist visa on May 27th, 2016. It is still pending.I have kept calling CKGS and Indian Embassy almost every day but no one is responding. I am almost at the verge of crying. My travel document expires on JAN 2017. Every time I call they say I just have to wait and it will take time. does anyone have nay experience on travelling to India on travel document? It's more than two and half months ago. How long will it take? my plan to travel was on August 6 to and now I don't know when should I schedule my trip on.

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ProNRI     07/12/2016 20:03 PM

When I read about the new (and pathetically ridiculous, for lack of better phrase) requirement that mandates OCI renewal/reissue when a person renews his US passport (or any non-Indian passport for that matter) before the age of 21 or after the age of 49 it gave me a big shock! My first question was that how in the world are they going to handle this at all the international airports where thousands of NRIs are arriving every day and many of them would have their current passport that is renewed either before the age of 21 or after the age of 49, while they would not have any idea of the rule! Will the immigration officers deport them all?

So, it would be great to learn if you fall in the category (where you were required to get your OCI card/visa reissued but you did not and still traveled to India), and share your experiences at the Indian airports here.

I am curious as to whether the OCI reissue/renew requirement is only good on paper or are the immigration officers at the Indian airports aware of it and are actually deporting those who have not gotten their OCIs reissued after renewing their US passports before 21 or after 49 years of age.

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