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kaushal0077     04/25/2019 17:25 PM


My wife had a visa interview on 22 April 2019. VO said an application is approved and you will receive a passport in 2 days. She gave her letter which says your passport will deliver to address you choose. It is not 221G.
But now https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx shows status as “Administrative Processing”. I don’t know what should I do. Does anyone have the same situation before for F2?

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h1bbeneficiary     04/24/2019 22:27 PM

Hello Everyone,

I have submitted H1B and H4 Applications via dropbox at Hyderabad consulate. Below are the procedure and processing timelines.

List of documents submitted at Hyderabad VFS for dropbox are:


1. photo copy of current H1B.

2. Photo copy of previous H1B.

3. Two passport size photo.

4. Original passport( i have old and new passport but they took only New passport).

5. Dropbox confirmation letter.


1. Original Passport.

2. Photo copy of H4 extension.

3. Two passport size photograph.

Note: Even though they take it or not please make sure you carry all the photo copies related to 797.

They not take any other documents like (Client letter, LCA or I129 petition etc)

Below are the processing time lines.

15th April 2019(Monday)-> Submitted documents at VFS Hyderabad at 1pm.

16th April 2019(Tuesday) -> Status Changed from ‘No Status’ to ‘Application Received’ for both H1 and H4 around 12pm.

17th April 2019(Wednesday) -> Status remained as ‘Application Received’.

18th April 2019(Thursday) -> Status updated to ‘Administrative Processing’ for both H1 and H4 around 1pm.

19th April 2019(Friday) -> Status remained as ‘Administrative Processing’(Consulate is closed because of Good Friday).

20th April 2019(Saturday) -> Status remained as ‘Administrative Processing’(Consulate is closed because of Saturday).

21st April 2019(Sunday) -> Status remained as ‘Administrative Processing’(Consulate is closed because of Sunday).

22nd April 2019(Monday) -> Status changed to ‘Issued’ for both H1 and H4 around 1pm.

23rd April 2019(Tuesday) -> Collected both passports from VFS Hyderabad at 1.30pm.

No call from VFS/Consulate for Interview or Finger prints.

No additional documents requested.

I hope this information helps.

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rocky1234     04/24/2019 03:14 AM

I had my interview on April 3rd at hyd consulate with passport returned. Client veriification for my case has been completed on April 10th.
After that no update and case last updated is date of interview. When can I expect an update?anyone on the same boat?

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ragakh     04/24/2019 01:16 AM

I have submitted my dropbox in Delhi on 15 April. My application has been in admin processing since 18 Apr and the case last update for admin processing was 22 April. The passport status says still with US embassy/consulate. Anyone else has a similar experience and what timeline can I expect?

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sriramraot     04/23/2019 18:22 PM

My Name IS Sriram Rao Takkallapelly. I did my Master Degree in USA. My H1B got picked in 2017 and got approval in Feb 2018. I got two approval Notices (I-797A and I797C) With Same Receipt Number but Different Expiry Dates.

I-797A Valid Dates: 02/21/2018 to 09/12/2020 (Came from My attorney)
I-797C Valid Dates: 02/21/2018 to 02/20/2019 (Came from My Employer).

Note: On I-797C it shows "THIS NOTICE DOES NOT GRANT ANY IMMIGRATION STATUS STATUS OR BENEFIT". and "This is a courtesy copy, not the official notice"

We thought I797A will be the official/Main one.

In 2018 August I went for visa Stamping Interview in India and I got stamping only up to

02/20/2019 (I-797C also Expires on Same Date)

But at the port of entry I showed I-797A Document, and they gave me I-94 up to 09/12/2020 (I-797C also Expires on Same Date).

I contacted My Attorney and he told me Stamping up to 02/20/2019 might be clerical Mistake as I got I-94 up 09/12/2020 (As per I-797A)

Recently on March 7th My Wife Went for H4 dependent Visa Interview in Hyderabad (India). Her visa was rejected and consulate people sent an Email Saying that

 "Please be advised that your petition expired. You or your employer need to contact USCIS to get your petition updated. Until then, we are unable to proceed with your visa application"

My attorney contacted USCIS on March 14,and they Said the will Send New document. After 20 days we contacted USCIS again as we didn't receive the document. They said they have Send New document on March 18 but we didn't receive any. we open another Request for New document, Still we didn't receive any.

Yesterday My Attorney contact Supervisor in USCIS and they Said they will forward this Inquiry (about I797A and I797C) to H1B department and it takes three weeks for the reply.

I don't know where it is going.

Can you Please advise on this Scenario.

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Rags51901107     04/23/2019 10:06 AM

April 8th -- Submitted Dropbox documents (for H1 & H4 Visa extensions)
April 16th -- Received email from Hyderabad US Consulate, to schedule 221-G appointment for in-person interview

Am working for same employer, same client. Not much changes, from my previous VISA petetion.

Is it usual, to be called for Interview after submitting dropbox documents ? If anyone had similar experience, please share your views/experiences. Appreciate, your help.


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Hyddropbox2019     04/23/2019 02:58 AM

Wife and myself dropped documents on
1. April 17th
2. April 18th - status changed to application received for both of us
3. April 22 - status still the same

Anyone had dropbox on the above dates and waiting for response from the visa office? I heard that the next step would be admin processing.

Approximately how many days we will get the final status?

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ketan1503     04/22/2019 17:26 PM


I have visa interview scheduled at Chennai for H1b stamping. I am currently in US on L1b. Working with same employer from last 6 years as FTE. Have to travel india for some personal reasons. Not sure on the risk involved.


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CHIRANHYD     04/22/2019 11:03 AM

I have stamped H1B visa on my passport till Aug end 2019. Recently I applied for H1B Extension and I have the receipt with me. Due to some urgent work I am planning to travel to India for 2 days in second week of July. Will I be fine to travel back from India with stamped visa (till Aug end) and the Extension receipt..I don't want to go for premium processing as of now..Pls suggest

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Sk100     04/22/2019 06:48 AM

Hi 3 days back i got email from consulate asking to submit my passport
Does that mean visa is approved?

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