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SamMumbai     11/17/2017 08:37 AM

I have a query- Is this your first H1b?

my current status:
I had approved I-797 through company 'A' which i transferred to company 'B' under cap exemption
Attended visa interview at Mumbai consulate last year for Company 'B' but was handed over white slip asking for project details. Company 'B' never replied back therefore transfer I-797 to company 'C' which got recently approved by USCIS. I plan to go for visa interview next month at Mumbai consulate.

My question- if they ask me "Is this your first H1b? what should I say?
Pls help.


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knk12     11/17/2017 02:48 AM

Hello All,

Have attended my visa interview on 11/17/2017 and it is approved

Went to counter following are the questions

VO: Good Morning
VO:Do you work for ABC Company?

VO:Do you work for Client?
Me: Answered

VO:What is your role?

VO:Where do you work?

VO:What is your Salary?

VO:What is your highest level of education?

H4 Questions to my spouse

VO:Madam, How long have you been married?

VO:Do you have kids

Finally VO said visa approved

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Chanhyd     11/17/2017 00:01 AM

Hello all,

How can I check if my status has be updated to H1b from f1. Should I contact my university or is there a way to check it.


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savh1234     11/16/2017 21:05 PM

I have been working in IT for last 11 years and staying in USA for almost 7years; Changed to consultant company a year back and I140 approved and H1 extension approved till 2019.
I am planning for India vacation, will there be any risk with stamping as my Major study in Engineering was mechanical? is anyone got h1 stamped recently with major study in different area? And how about if only my spouse and kid goes for H4 stamping?

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sredq6     11/16/2017 10:39 AM

Attended my visa interview on Nov 13, 2017, approved on Nov 14, 2017 and picked up the passport on Nov 15, 2017. Exactly how it should go.

My visa interview was not straight forward though.
VO: How are you?
Me: Answered

VO: You work for XYZ company. Is that right?
Me: Yes

VO: What do you do?
Me: I work for ABC client

VO: What do you do there?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your highest education?
Me: Answered

VO: What is your area of specialization?
Me: Answered

VO: How does your area of study relate to what you are doing for the client?
Me: Explained that my education was almost 7 years ago in that specific area. However I worked for 3 different companies during the last 7 years and enhanced my skillset, and what I am doing now is a result of that.
      VO made face like she is not fully convinced with my answer and started typing rigorously on her PC. I explained a little bit more on how the dots connected with my previous companies work and then kept quiet.

VO: What is your current salary?
VO started typing again and after 10-15 seconds, looked at me and said Your visa is approved, Congrats. Those 15 seconds was pretty panicky, because I dont know what she was feeling.

Earlier to me she had to reject (H4 visa) a lady with 2 kids, and am like she may have a change in thought. But everything went well for me.

Make sure you prepare well and be very precise and concise with your answers. I know these are open ended questions and whatever you answer, there could always be an opinion behind it. So prepare well.

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ro12     11/16/2017 10:09 AM

I have drop box so I went to Hyd Consulate on Nov-6 dropped my I-797 (Copy), drop confirmation, DS-160 and 2 photos as per Visa standards.

On Nov-9 I got call from Consular office to attend for the face to face Visa interview and finger print. They scheduled the Visa interview on Nov-14 at 10am.

I received the invitation (email ) from consular office about the interview. I went to interview on Nov-14 with invitation. Though there is big line in front of me, after showing the invitation, they let me in and I directly went to security check line.

After that they sent me to finger print verification and they gave me my passport back there.

After finger print verification, I waited in the line with other folks.

Went to the counter following are the questions.

VO : Hi there
Me: Hello, Good Morning
VO: Where are you working now
Me: XXX Company
VO: Working for client ?
Me: XX
VO: What is your salary
VO: How employees in your company
VO: Where did you do your masters
Me: XXX University in US
VO: You are H1B X years ?
Me: No I'm H1B Y years .
VO: We can't make decision now, it will take 1-2 weeks to come up with the decision. Usually it is one week. I know it is strange that you are H1B be from so many years, but we still need to check something regarding your Master's in US. This is the reason you are called for the interview.

NO 221g WAS Given.

I spoke with couple of guys who are drop and came to interview like me. They had the master's in US.

VO said the same thing to guy before me.

Does anyone have the similar experience in the Hyd consulate ?

I don't know what are their actual lead times come with the decision.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks & Regards
Kiran Rokkam

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schennamsetti     11/16/2017 05:22 AM

I have given my Visa Interview on November 9th .
VO - Do you work for this company ?
Me -Yes.
VO- Highest degree?
Me: told XXX
VO -Salary ?
Me - told XXX
VO - where did you studied ?
Me - told xxx
VO - Did you change College ?
Me - No
VO - So you did CPT - OPT and they applied for H1B
Me - yes .I did my CPT ,OPT and they applied H1B for me.
 VO - Who is your client
Me - I took a pause and I was about to say then
VO - Are you working for consultancy?
Me - no . I'm a direct hire.
VO - It will be processed in two weeks and gave me a 221 g white slip .
Me - Thank you .

I was checking every day but there is no change in the status it's still showing Administrative Process .Does any one know how much time do they take to update it . Does any one has the same situation .Thanks . Guys please let me know.

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saiarshan     11/15/2017 19:35 PM

Hi Everyone

Date/Time - 11/15/2017 - 10.00 AM

Be to the location 45 minutes early as they allow your inside and it takes alt east 1-2 hours to get to the counter with waiting times .

Here are the questions asked.

Is ABC your employer ?
Yes Sir

What do you do for the employer ?

Where did you work before ?

How many years did you stay in the US ?

Did you do your Masters in US ?
Yes Sir, Answered.

I haven't seen any rejections in front of me and beside counter. Be confident and answer precisely to the point.

I wish everyone All the Best...

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kjaggu496@gmail.com     11/14/2017 16:12 PM

Letter from employer on duties -- Do we need this document for H1b stamping ? Please advise. Thank you.

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Americandream1     11/14/2017 11:22 AM

First of all I would like to Thank everyone who shared their experiences on this or any other forum.
Going thru everyones experience was really helpful in prpeparing for the visa interview.
My H1B/H4(Spouse) experience in Mumbai 07th-Nov-2017 Consulate 09:00 a.m is as below

Me : Gud Morng
VO : Very Gud Morng
VO: What you do for xyz(my employer)
Me: Sorry( couldn’t hear him properly )
VO: what you do for xyz
Me : Told my designation
VO:Who is your client
VO: Salary
Me: ABC $ per annum
VO:Highest qualification
Me: anwered
VO:Where will you stay in NewYork
VO: Have you seen this white Pamphlet( pointing to Pamphlet)
Me; Yep

Questions to Spouse
VO: Since how long you have been married(Though question was for my spouse but sinc the VO was looking at the machine I answered assuming that it will give my wife some breathing space that now its her turn)
Me: X years y months
VO: looking at my wife that he has cleared the test now you need to answer
My wife: seeemed Baffled but since VO was smiling while telling this & I also broke into laughter
My wife got pacified
VO : exited to go to Newyork
Wife:have never been to NY
VO: do you want to go
Wife : yes
VO: when are you planning to come back
Wife : My husband is travelling to USA for a temporary assignment for xyz years I will be back once his assignment is over( while preparing we thoroughly prepared for this question)
VO: you VISA IS APPOVED you get your passport back in 2-3 business days
My wife: It is done
VO : yes Have a nice day

The VO was very polite & friendly & most of the VO i observed seem friendly

Tips from my side:
• Dress up well it will inspire confidence in you & impress VO also
• Listen to the questions carefully & answer don’t be in a hurry to answer
• At times there is lot of echo from the speaker hence the candidate is not able to hear the question properly so don’t hesitate to ask VO to repeat the question
• Body language matters a lot so pls pay attention to it
• Maintain eye contact with the VO
• Though you could be a lot tensed pls don’t let it reflect on your face remain calmn

Wish You all the Very Best


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