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Mr Don     01/15/2019 21:30 PM

27th Dec : Online application submission
03rd Jan : Passport Request Letter
07th Jan : Passport Received at New York VAC.
15th Jan

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deepc     01/14/2019 17:00 PM

My experience with "Canada Visitor VISA" processing was hassle-free. I had sent my documents to LA VAC, and the overall process completed within 21 days - i.e. after online application submission it took about 8-9 days to get "Passport Submission Request" and after passport submission it took 11-12 days to receive the passports back.

I had chosen 2-days shipping with UPS and had sent passports on same day I received the request.

VAC was very prompt and have sent notifications on every step progress as well as online application updates were done timely.

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hbb     01/11/2019 00:09 AM

1)Dec 20 2018 submitted online app on
2)Dec 28 2018 Received letter for passport submission on
3)Jan 2 2019 shipped passport by UPS next day air to CVAC -Los angeles: included passport, cashiers
    check, consent form, sheet with personal details and a prepaid UPS next Day air envelope
4)Jan 4 2019 VFS confirmed passport has been submitted go IRCC
5)Jan 7 2019 VFS update that passport is being processed at IRCC
6)Jan 9 2019 VFS update that passport has been processed and dispatched to the CVAC/VFS
7)Jan 10 2019 AM VFS update that passport is has been collected.
8)Jan 10 2019 PM UPS tracking is activated, shipment is on teh move.
9)Jan 11 2019 AM passport delivered to my address.

Entire process was pretty much hassle free. Overall expense fees + shipping for two applicants ~ US $350

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Varma Sagi     01/11/2019 10:09 AM

1) Submitted online Application on Nov 19.
2) Received letters to submit passports on Nov 22.
3)VFS received passports on Nov 28.
4)No update for 2 weeks inspite of repeatedly calling them on CHAT and Phoneline. Only answer is to wait with patience.
5)Dec - 12, realised that i had to enclose the "TT VISA SERICES INC" fee of 19.60 USD for each passport and prepaid return labels as well.
6) Dec -17, VFS received the TT Services fee and return labels.
7)Again no update for the next 2 weeks inspite of repeated calls adn also no tracking ID generated.
8) Jan 4th - received an email from CIC that Counterfoil updated and status Valid. After that i recievd the passports in 3 days. Tracking ID was never generated.

The phone line and chat are totally useless. Just ensure you send everything in just one go. Tracking ID is not necessairily being generated these days. If you see a counterfoil update status and you already sent the return labels....you should get the passports back in in 3 or 4 days.

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ajinkya.chawan     01/10/2019 22:28 PM

Here is my timeline

1. Got request for passport letter on 12/12/18.
2. Passport delivered to NY VAC office on 12/19/18.

No tracking number generated yet. Followed up with them over phone and email multiple times, still haven't got any updates regarding the tracking number nor the ETA. Only answer I get is to wait.

Thinking of going down to NY next week to figure out whats wrong. This is very pathetic and unprofessional handling of application by VFSglobal. They dont even have to courtesy to provide an update to our queries.

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amitnihalani     01/10/2019 16:20 PM

Here is my timeline

27 Dec: Got the application for work permit approved through my employer and as requested for passport.
29 Dec: Sent my passport through UPS along with the consent form, Money order and a contact info sheet and the return label
2 Jan: Package delivered at the NY CVAC.
4 Jan: Application dispatched to the IRCC Office
7 Jan: Application processed and decision envelope sent to CVAC
8 Jan: UPS picked up the passport from CVAC
9 Jan: Passport delivered!

Thanks everyone for the help! Especially @doctorj1 for responding to my post and answering my question promptly!

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derroderro     01/08/2019 23:08 PM

I submitted my passport to the new york vac via mail and it was delivered on 13 November. No tracking number or update was received. I went there yesterday only to find out that they misplaced the return envelop i attached to the passport. They also misplaced the money order i sent to them. I had to pay 41.50 dollars for a new UPS return envelope. The unprofessionalism at the new york vac is too much. I met alot of people with similar issuesI am just hoping it goes through for me this time to receive my visa

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mihirjh     01/08/2019 22:36 PM

I am an Indian passport holder living in the USA who applied for TRV. I submitted my application on December 22nd 2018. Received an update on December 27th 2018 that my application was approved. I was out of the country for an emergency. Now I'm planning to submit my passport soon. Would I be required to submit biometrics or not, as my application was approved before December 31st 2018?

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mohit4478     01/07/2019 15:23 PM

30th Sep: apply online
8th Nov: passport request email came
13th Nov: passport reached NewYork vac
30 nov : got tracking id number
tracking number which i got not working
3rd dec: mail from ircc regarding stamping and counterfoil done
i am fighting with vac callcenter sending emails making reports about my my passport
finally, 28th Dec: I got new tracking id that says pick up is ready from December 4th and passport is in VAC from 4th of December
this is really unprofessional that I have sent return envelope but I think they missed that
again made the report for that
or I have another option to go there and collect
anyone having the same situation?
I heard that early November applicant is facing the same issue after November process going smooth.

anyone is in the same boat?
need to collect the passport from Newyork


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polaggaris     01/04/2019 14:26 PM

Hi Sir/Madam,
I have submitted my application online for Canada Visiting Visa on 12/27/2018
I received a request to submit my passport on 12/31/2018

I am Indian passport holder residing on a visa in Florida, USA.
now as per the instructions I need to submit my passport to Visa Application Centre (VAC) in New York, and the website also says that
With your passport(s), make sure you include:

the passport request letter you received from IRCC; - This I have and I can include.
any applicable visa application centre (VAC) fees, such as passport transmission fees; - How would I know how much I have to pay them? If I need to pay, how much and can I include a check. I already paid 100 CAD at the time of submitting my online application form.
full contact information, including email, phone number, and full return address; - can I just include a white paper and write all these details?
the VAC consent forms (available on their Web site); and - Not sure what's this form is? is it this one? csc.public.s3.amazonaws.com/checklists/US/en/General/Consent_Form.pdf
a pre-paid return courier envelope, if applicable. - do I have to include them an envelope to return my passport? do I also have to mention my return address on this envelope and paste return receipt as well? can I use FedEx?

For the past 4 days these questions are just breaking my head. I tried to call VAC but it's of no use.
all these process without proper information looks very disappointing and pathetic.

could someone please please give me step-by-step instructions as to how to mail my passport to VAC New York and what to include in the envelope.

Millions of Thanks in advance.
Hoping for a reply.


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