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Saurabh- ()     04/17/2008 09:04 AM

Hey all!

My visa got refused earleir under 214(b).

I appeared again for the Interview on 15th April at Delhi Embassy.

Few Excerpts from the Interview :-

VO :: Why are you Going to US?
Me :: For business purpose and to Attend (XXXX Event)

VO :: What kind of business do u have?
ME :: XXXX explained

VO :: Whats the production Capacity?
ME :: XXXXX explained

VO :: Do you have any brother of Sister?
Me :: Yes, I have one elder Sister, shez married and settled in New Delhi

VO :: Whats your brother in Law do?
ME :: Business (Explained)

VO :: And your mother is working with the same company?
ME :: No, Shez a house wife

VO :: You have been refused a visa recently
ME :: Yes

VO :: DO you have a meeting with XXXX company?
ME :: Yes, I have a meeting.

VO :: Everything looks fine Sir, Your visa has been approved!
ME :: Thank you so much!

That was all that i could remember for now.

I got my passport collected from the VFS Center. I got 10 years Visa!

I just wanna say thanks to immihelp and the members for the help!

Also those who got refusal, dont lose hope. It depends on luck and the VO. Keep on trying untill u get it!




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Kalidas.m.pattar- ()     04/04/2008 09:22 AM

Hello All,

I have been the consistent reader of this great Immihelp site.Two days back I went for my B1 Visa at Chennai. 3 Years back I had one rejection for B1 only.But this time it went on very smoothly. Below is my experince

1. My interview was 9.30 Am n I went at 8.45 Am and I was allowed to go inside. Finished initial screening and then waited for my turn to have interview with VO officer. He was young guy who was very kind and friendly.

VO: what is ur company into?
Me: Bla bla one sentence

VO: what is my role in the company?
Me: yap yap .... again one setnce which covers everything.

VO: purpose of visit?
Me: Business meetings & requirement gathering.

VO:who all are your customers?
Me: xyz, xyz,,,

VO: Are yu gng t clint's place or your company ?
Me: bla bla

Finger print and then golden words will be courierd next week. Thats it.

So guys be calm and be very friendly with VO officer and greet him and on sentence swet and short answrs is the key. and most important thing dont lie.

All the best to you all guys...

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shiva Shankar- ()     03/13/2008 06:57 AM

Dear Friends
I attended embassi on 10 of jan for B1 Visa they issued me 221 form g. Visa office asked me following question.
1) what was ur role in previous company?
2) Your designation in pervious company?
3) my current CTC
4) current project
5) current designation
after that she gave me (221 form g pinkform) for the admin process i send my document on 22 nd of Jan for admin process wher they have sent coupple of question i answered and sent one extra client letter followup letter and Feb 24 i sent them a follow up mail stating that my need to us. on 28 they said me to send my PPT and i sent on 3 rd or MARCH and on 13 th i got My VISA Stampng its took 2 month.
i like to tell you all dont panice or dont get tense give your best and keep cool and relax. All the best. God Will Help us Always for our Hard work and effort trust him

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Harmeet S Chhabra- ()     02/13/2008 07:24 AM


I was rejected the B1 VISA twice in a row within a span of 6 months. Then I applied for L1 B which was approved and I travelled to USA.
 I again went for my B1 VISA interview (after about 2 yrs of rejection) and yes I was very tensed but the Consul (a very kind lady )just asked me 2 questions.

1. How long have u been with you company ?
A. I have been wiht XYZ for over 3.5 yrs

2. Have you ever been to USA ?
A. Yes

And I got my VISA.

Thanks to immihelp forums .

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Zethus- ()     02/13/2008 04:28 AM

Recently, attended interview for B1 visa at Mumbai Consulate.Believe it or not, got my B1 visa in barely 20 secs.My interview was scheduled at 8:30am, so reached the counsulate around 7 am.Later found its pretty useless reaching early as they let you inside only about 30 mins prior to your interview.

Once inside, had to wait approx 20 mins before my number was announced. I walked to the booth where there were two people waiting already. When they were done, I walked inside and greeted the officer , who was a pleasant middle aged lady,with a warm smile and she too replied back with a smile.I think this cordial exchange set the tone for the rest of the interview process. The interview went something like this

Officer: Whats the purpose of your visit?
Me: I am going for training on XYZ

Officer: How long have you worked with ABC(co name)?
Me; About N yrs.

Officer; Your Visa has been approved.It will be couriered in 2-3 days?
Me; Thank you. Have a nice day!

That's it, had my Visa in about 20 secs, no documents, no invitation letter, no proofs, no certificates, nothing...infact didnt even have to open my documents folder.

Its worth mentioning that I have done my PG from IIIT and have worked with one of the Insurance majors in the past. That could have had some bearing on the length of the interview, but I still feel the best thing that you can carry to interview aprt from your documents is your self confidence. People often panic a lot before such interview and in the process give ambiguous answers which raises suspicion in the officers eyes. Stay calm and you'll sail through like a charm.

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Mohammed Aqueel- ()     02/09/2008 00:18 AM

i got visa b1 and i didint go can i visit us now after one year i got it with my company and now i am not working with them still intent to go US Please help

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anil- ()     02/07/2008 06:25 AM


I got H1B stamped on 6th Feb 2008 at chennai through consultancy and now my current company is asking me to go for B1 visa stamping as I need to go for client meetings.

Please suggest me on this, like if I go for B1 will be there any chance to cancel my H1B by Consulte?

Please revert back with answer.

Thanks & Regards

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snpChinku- ()     01/16/2008 08:21 AM

I have been reading immihelp forums/ and one of the best website whr I did find everything I needed to know. Very recentlyi had my visa interview and I got it after 3 rejects. Here is what I wanted to share with you guys..

There was this VO, (can’t remember his name now) who came like a ‘GOD’ to the hall and gave us all some gyan! He says there are 4 basic rules to getting a visa.

*1 Always greet the VO with a smile

*2 Step forward and pass the file (just the file nothing else) i.e. the file that contains DS forms and passport that you usually receive after the pre-screening.

*3 Always speak to the point.& Its ok to be nervous, but speak clearly and be assertive.
Always present the documents only when they ask

Never Lie since they maintain a history and they know if you do. Always do your homework and present the facts. "

Till then I had a different frame of mind only before these 4 basic rules came into affect at the nick of time. Strange, but true.

Things the VO asked me:

VO: Hi, why are you going to the US
ME: yak yak (to the point)

VO: (Looking through the passport)have you been to the US before?
Me: Nope

VO: Are you sure, have ya been to the US before?
ME: Nope

VO: What does your product “ something” do?
Me: Yak yak blah blah (again no ramayan)

VO: Your visa will be couriered in a weeks time?
Me: yay!!

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DpaGm- ()     01/09/2008 04:12 AM

Despite of having too many Qs in my mind while appearing for the first time, the experience was really cool and fruitful.

I was asked to show my invitation letter, first and was asked the below

What is my company into?
Answer: My company does 1. 2. 3.

How long I was working with my company
Answer: X days/months/years

Being a Diploma holder how was I able to get a X position in my company?
Answer: With my sincerity, hardwork and experience all proven, it happened to me to attain such position.

I was asked to show my Appt. letter. Showed and I was told that my Visa is issued.

My personal opinion, Don't be nervous before your consular or Visa officer. Be assertive in your tone, maintain a good body language. Put on smile for each answer. DONT EVER TRY TO BLUFF OR ACT OVERSMART. I wish success to all the people.

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S- ()     01/07/2008 05:10 AM


Please go through this Web site before you are applying Visa for US. This has really a good stuff…

Last week I have attended my B1 Visa Interview and the interview was very cool. Let me explain the process that I have undergone in the US embassy, Chennai.

Stage 1:
I have waited outside of the US Embassy for an hour. After the security check, I’ve entered into the embassy. (I suggest people to reach the embassy at least before 1 hr of the appointment time)

Stage 2:
After entering into the consulate office, I’ve waited for around 30 min for initial processing (Officer have verified my 156 & 157 forms)

Stage 3:
After an hour long stay, my interview was happened. The interview was really cool and the consulate officer was very polite.

Interview Questions…
• Where are you working?
• How long you are working for your current company?
• Why you want to go to US?
• How long you will stay there?

That’s it….

The Consulate officer said, my Visa has been approved and they will courier my passport as soon as possible.

Now, I got my passport and Visa valid for 10yrs.

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