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nilesh1990     11/24/2015 20:00 PM

I hold indian passport with hand written. Details expiring November 2016
I have been overseas my whole life ( Kenya and Australia) and now came to visit India
I dint come across any issues when I came from Australia to Mumbai
Neither was I told of any issues related to my passport
However my relatives say that I wont be allowed to go back due to hand written. Details
I don't hold any supporting. Documents for renewal application due to not residing in India
I depart on 25 Dec for Australia

Help me out
What should I do

Look forward to hearing from you

Thank you

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vikas1422     09/05/2015 01:52 AM


I am Vikas, applied for the Passport in Hyderabad. When applying for the Passport mentioned Perminant & Present address. I thought it should be better to mention two address which i presently living. But it is worst to give 2 addresses, currently i got a SHOW CAUSE notice form Regional Passport office. They imposed 5000 fine. But i dont have clarity about onething when i received the passport which address will be mentioned on my Passport. Is it Perminant Or Present address.???

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prithwiraj chanda     08/14/2015 00:24 AM

I am Prithwiraj from India.Currently i m undergoing my internship at Bar Habor.Certainly i have lost my passport with a valid J1 visa.Now,I want to know that will i get to go back to India.What do i do to get a travel document or how do i get something like document with which i can fly back to India...Please help me out....

Thank you in advance

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shaikh24     06/09/2015 17:45 PM


I need immediate help in the regard of affidavit for child's passport to be issued in india sfo.

As per guidelines mentioned at http://www.cgisf.org/page/display/162/236, I sent below documents
to consulate at SFO

1. Original Passport
2. Cashier check of 23$
3. Supporting documents.
In that link we do have below paragraph.
Fee : A non-refundable fee of $ 20 (twenty) + $3 Indian Community Welfare Fee (ICWF) w.e.f. Oct. 01, 2012 per attestation. If you want to receive the attested documents back through mail, either send a trackable pre-paid return mailing envelope (USPS 'Express Mail' or FEDEX etc.) or enclose a money order/cashier’s check for $ 20 (twenty) payable to Consulate General of India - San Francisco.
If we are not sending traceable return then do we need to send an extra 20$ apart from 23$ cashier check fee or 23$ cahier fee is included with all?


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sirisha9     04/14/2015 15:16 PM


I am trying to renew Indian passport of my daughter in US.

Can any one help me if you have any details to send my mail.

Thank you in advance

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cingathala     03/18/2015 00:36 AM

Hi All,

Now coming June month we are getting baby in USA,we want Indian citizenship.
Please clarify on below queries......

1) Could you please let me know whether we can get Indian passport for US born baby?

2) Along with Indian passport do we need to get visa also for baby to travel from US to India? or Indian passport is sufficient for traveling to India?

3) Will they allow at airport on Indian passport for US born baby?

4) Once will visit to India on Indian passport, again can we come back to US?

5) If we will take Indian passport, after completion of 18 years for baby immediately do we need to decide the citizenship or can we continue on Indian passport until we are deciding to come to US.

Please don't hesitate to provide the information.If you will provide me the information for above queries it would be more grateful for me.

Thank you so much for your time and assistance. I will be looking forward.


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chintansomaiya     03/09/2015 09:20 AM

I had applied for a fresh passport for my brother in Mumbai. We're basically from a small town in Maharashtra (and hence the ration card in that town) and moved to Mumbai a few years ago.

He had carried all the documents as per the documents required section (https://portal1.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/docAdvisorSecure/attachmentAdvFreshInp). Electric,Gas bill and Adhaar card for address proof, his birth certificate for DOB proof and a matriculation certificate for ECNR proof. Yet, he was told that he needed to carry ration card. He tried to reason with them that that was optional and he had the remaining documents but he was told that they need to see the ration card. He was told that they'd mark him absentee for the day and he can reschedule it after six months. I did not know ration card was a make-or-break document. In case anyone is aware and has gone through this situation, can you please confirm/deny if that's the case or my brother was just plain unlucky?

-Appreciate any response I may get.

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a_nurag12     03/04/2015 09:16 AM

Dear members,

I applied for the renewal of my passport and submitted my document at the passport seva kendra. After which I got a notice for police verification. I study and stay in a college located near my hometown. Due to some work at college I couldn't attend the police verification. The police officer told my family members that I have to use my college address at my temporary address and police verification will be initiated. But in a few days I got a Show Cause Notice with the following allegations:
1. Photograph does not match.
2. Address does not match.
3. You have fraudulently obtained another passport giving fake details. You are required to furnish the details of the same.

I have to submit the documents to defend myself. I have no clue about the fake passport(point 3).
Can anybody please help.

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gaganinus     12/08/2014 13:52 PM

Dear Members,

Please help me with your expert opinion if anybody has faced the same challenging situation ealier:

1. I have valid H1B Visa good until Jul-2015.

2. My passport validity is ending in Jan 2015.

3. Port of entry officer granted me I-94 validity only upto Jan 2015 due to shortage of validity period on my passport.

4. Port of entry officer asked me to go to USCIS office after renewing my passport and they would extend my I-94 to the
validity of my visa.

5. I sent my passport for renewal on 8th December 2014 under normal application.

Question 1: Would I be in status If consulate doesn't return the new passport before the old passport expires?

Question 2: Does anybody have any experience where USCIS office has extended the I-94 by visiting their office in this kind of special circumstatnces?

Question 3: Just in case I don't get my renewed passport before the old expires, how would I be able to travel back to India without passport in order to remain in status?

I would be really thankful if you can help me getting clarity on these issues.


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hasank     07/16/2014 15:47 PM

Hi friends,

   Just to share my experience on passport renewal at Houston region on last week Jul 07 2014.

I've plan to apply renewal (10 years going to complete) by POST by due to my short period of VISA renewal I've plan to go directly to BLS office and apply for Tatkal.

First I've booked the flight at last minute to Houston.So, it is too costlier and booked the Hotel near by BLS Passport office nearly half a mile distance.

I've plan to go directly on Monday after the long week-end (July 4th)so, I've plan to go one day earlier and stay near by BLS office for safe.

I've booked the appointment 9:00 - 9:30 AM, so i've went 5 mins before.

1.First they asked the appointment mail printout. (There is printer available with internet.So, not worry on that you can take printout there)
2.There is not much crowd, so you can immediately meet the officers and give your applications and needed documents.
3.They will verify and give back the unwanted documents and photos.
4.Notary (near by BLS office on same building [But don't take risk at last minute]) and printouts are able to taken there.
5.Once all things clear they will ask for Tatkal or ordinary, if tatkal means need to wait they will call to Consulate and get the approval with reason you specified.(it will take 15 to 45 mins)
6.Once it approved you have to pay the tatkal fee 241.20 by cash or money order only. (CARD is not accepted, so near by office Sheraton hotel is there with ATM, so I've go there and took the money).
7.Once you payed the money they will give receipt and give the address to collect (if you request you came from long distance else local stay means they will send with in 3 days.)
Luckily I've got the address that is near by 6 miles our Indian consulate office. The Collection time will be 4.00 pm to 5.00 only.
8.I reached 1 hour before and chat with fellow Indians who waiting for different kind of services there.
9.4.00 pm the counter is open and issue the various types of documents and we are waiting and get nearly at 4:50 pm only.
10. Finally got the Passport and verified the details and signed the application like received and return back to Airport (I've booked the flight at 9.20 pm for safety purpose)

*** Finally got the Passport on Same Day *****

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