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Manish- ()     12/08/2004 00:07 AM

Is transit visa required while travelling thru Paris. My case is of visa extension, which is not stamped in the passport.


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Rajesh- ()     10/05/2004 22:36 PM

1. You are US Citizen
2. You are Green Card Holder
3. You have been issued a H1 for more than 3 years (or H1 issued in the year 2001 or before) with multiple entry.

In all other cases, for US residents of Indian Nationality require a Transit Visa.

This is the information I got after speaking to German Consulate at SFO.

I need to take one coz my H1 Visa issue date is 11 Feb 2003.

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Sumit- ()     09/06/2004 20:48 PM

Hi I have a F1 visa that expires in Aug 2006 but I have changed my status to a H1B status. I am travelling to india via Luftansa. Do I need a transit visa.

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Nikhil.S- ()     08/21/2004 13:15 PM

I am an Indian student on my way to Trinidad for my education. I would like to know whether I need a Transit visa at the U.S Airport where I will have to change planes. Please give me the required information at the earliest.

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suresh- ()     07/27/2004 17:04 PM

 I am on H1-B with I-94 extended. I am going to India for Stamping
 Do I need to get transit visa if I am travelling through SG or Frankfurt.


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Venkat- ()     07/20/2004 15:23 PM

      I am not really sure. I sent an email to the German consulate in the US(Transit Visa). They said I needed a Visa. My guess is they are not clear as to the combinations of H1, EAD, AP. Please see Below email I sent and reply I received
 From: .LOSA RK-VISA-100 Abelian, Anahid <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2004 08:03:51 -0700
Subject: visa
To: jvkarthik

Yes, you do need an Airport Transit visa. You can find all the informaion on our website.

 Visa Dept.

> ---------------------------------------------
   German Consulate General
   6222 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500
    Los Angeles, CA 90048
  Dear Sir,
              I am an Indian Citizen. I work in the United States for a Company for whom I have a EAD (Employment Authorization Document US)
and Advance Parole (that allows me to travel outside the US) . I dont have a US visa on my passport, but the above documents make me eligible to work in the US.
I will be making a trip to India from US and will be flying by Lufthansa.
There will be a transit time of 30-45 minutes in Frankfurt airport in Germany.
Please suggest if I need to get a Transit Visa for this period in Germany in the airport(30-45 minutes).
Please feel free to email me or contact me.
Appreciate you support

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Sagar- ()     07/17/2004 00:16 AM

I am traveling to India from US via Frankfurt (Lufthansa). I have my H1 visa renewed (next 3 years). I need to get it stamped in my passport in India. I have all the supporting documentation (I-797 etc). Do I still need a transit visa during my stopover at Frankfurt on my way to India?

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beleiver- ()     04/09/2004 16:27 PM

You NEED a transit visa if you are on h1 or h4 visa and visa stamping on the passport is expired.If stamping is valid, u dont need otherwise please go to German embassy with your h1b approval paper to get the transit. google german embassy site to check all required docs

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Rajesh- ()     02/17/2004 11:28 AM

I travelled and returned to US Feb 16th via Frankfurt in Lufthansa on an expired visa and advance parole. I did not take transit visa and u don't need one. U just need to show ur advance parole document and there is no problem. So please don't take a transit visa.

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